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My tag book progress, using Dina-debris

I am very nearly done. Usually I hate splitting up a project over multiple blog posts, but when there are so many photos to deal with, and it take me many days to finish, there really isn’t any choice!

If you look back a post or two, you will see the beginnings, and a bit about the technique for the base of the tags, gloss gel medium thru a stencil, with gloss sprays over the top. Then it was all about adding a focal image using stamps, collage tissue, and other bits

Another thing I did was make a block out of the side strips from the packaging. I ended up stamping and cutting some bits and using some bits as strips, as you can see above and below.

For the text I used word bits from stamp sets and collage tissue – and you can just see one of the pages made from the strips above here in this shot:

As I cut the tags from the packaging sheets, they didn’t have the usual holes in the top. I considered punching them but decided to make tabs from some of the strips instead.

They were definitely the thing I had the most of, as they appear on all the packaging! So much so they will form the basis of the covers. I had all this left over after I made all the tags

and only this much actual debris!

Although I am still refining my choices for pairings and placements, here is an overview of the tags so far! I’ll be making final choices on pairings and the order they will appear before the final assembly. Very excited!

Here are some close-ups, still subject to change! Because there is an odd number of items, I’ll add the first page pair on it’s own, or I get a massive, zoomed-in image that is out of focus – darn you, WordPress!

I can already see some changes I need to make, so I will probably do another page-pair gallery when I am finally done. But overall I am pretty happy with it. Not bad for trash, transformed. Hey, I can add that to my long list of 100 Days projects – 100 Days of Trash Transformed LOL!

And now, Day 53- I think I used the fishes on Day 1 so about time for them to make an appearance again:


Stamp update and progress!

Thanks to all who (mostly) agreed with me that the stamp with the weird lump in it should be replaced. A reminder:

I have to say the seller is being an absolute star, but the sad thing is the shop will take the hit, probably, rather than the manufacturer, who is really the one at fault. That is a real shame – she will be out the initial shipping to me, the cost for me to ship the set back to her, the shipping back to the USA if they make her return the stamp to them, the shipping of the new set to me, plus she loses a “hot” item she can sell when it is hot…. All of that makes me feel bad about sticking to my guns rather than just cutting out the offending lump but at the same time I feel it is the MANUFACTURER who should bear these costs. Not only are they a HUGE company that can better afford the loss, they are the ones at fault. If they manufacturer doesn’t make her return the faulty stamp, I can ask her to just ship me the one stamp and let her resell the set (minus one stamp) at a discount and make back at least some of her costs, if no all of them. That would make me happy. SOMEONE will want the set even missing one stamp, I bet.

I am blazing ahead with my debris project and here is a shot of some of the play – dithering over a few things but probably more significant progress tomorrow. I made a block using the strips cut from the edges of the packaging, all very bright and colourful, to stamp on, then cut. And I used that head in an interesting way, by adding it to the top of a stamped image to change it

The circles worked out OK but I feel like maybe the goddess images would have left more of the strip paper identifiable.

Still playing around with those very small thumbnail images from the stencils, as you can see. These are just some of my ideas – I haven’t settled on anything yet. I am still undecided if I want to limit myself to using only the debris from the packaging or if I want to mix in some of the goodies from my collage stash.

Now, drum roll please! DAY 50 of my 100 Days project. Woo hoo! The next page willbe in the brand spankin’ new Day 51-100 book I made by disassembling the original book and splitting it to avoid a 90 degree angle of the front and back covers LOL!


Making stuff from Dina-debris

This is a project that is taking some time, but I thought I would share one thing I am playing with – gloss sprays over gloss gel medium. I am only just beginning to explore the gloss sprays. I know that they resist each other, and I know they resist gesso, so it makes sense that they will reist mediums, at least till they dry. That is the interesting part, for me.

The first thing is the pile of stuff I harvested from my Dina Wakely packaging:

This is the card backing from stamp sets, the glossy paper edge strips and tiny image of the stencil from the stencil packaging, and the lady from anything not used already. Also any extra card from the top of the stamp sets. What I got was a lot of usable stuff – best was about 20 tags (a few less than I thought due to a miss-cut or two) and I played around with a few ideas for using the other bits

Then I had a play with two mediums I have that I rarely use, Gloss and Iridescent, by adding them thru stencils to the tags

One thing I notices right off is that you really need A LOT more spray that you think – it really soaks in to the card. Better card would be, well, BETTER, but my goal is to use the packaging so…

You can see how well the resist works when you daub/wipe away the gloss spray from it. There is only a little difference, really, between the gloss and iridescent mediums. The iridescent has a bit more grit to it so maybe a bit more textured and maybe duller? Doing a second coat on the iridescent medium ones improved them

I used a lot more spray for the next set:

Gloss is top row:

A couple of close-ups:

To me this has a really different look to gloss spray over gesso. But the real beauty is you can use the clear gloss medium over something – stamping or text or a bit of collage collective, for example – and preserve it. You can’t do that with gesso! The only example I have for THIS project is the little ladies face but you can see it works there so is going to work elsewhere too

I am still playing with ideas for the actual tags, and I got the binding stuff I need for the book so I’ll be working on this over the next few days, although we have a fair bit going on with family stuff as well, so it may take me a bit.

And now, DAY 49! Reflecting my rather black mood over the weather – meeting up in the garden is a lot less fun when you can’t knit cause you need gloves to keep warm!

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More gloss spray, labels, and Day 44

When I was making that dark gloss-spray-over-brown page I used one of the label sheets I have leftover from my HiTi dye-sub printer that died. I have been using them for cutting stencils, as the sheets are perfect for that. I had the pack out and grabbed one to use to mop up the gloss spray. It came out so pretty!

The stamp is one I got from China, via Amazon, and it took weeks to arrive but I love it. So many nifty areas, perfect for art journaling.

I could cut it up but it’s easy to stamp just one area while it is on the flexible backing sheet or press fully to stamp the whole image

After peeling away the surround, I printed some little words – I don’t have a template for this oddly shaped sheet and too lazy to make one, but I don’t even know if I could print directly on to the gloss sprays. The labels are about .75 x 1.5 inches so not big enough for most of my stamp sets that have interesting fonts. They work great to label the drawers on my desk.

I also have the surround, and it is SO pretty as well I just want to use it but I have no idea how at the moment. Maybe cut it and add some bits to tags? If I was doing any sort of ATC swap I might use them for that. I just know the surround far too pretty to throw away!

And here is Day 44. Maybe not as balanced as it could be but I love the colours:

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Gloss sprays and something crazy – yep, I cut a stamp…

I made a page using the gloss sprays – my first one.

This is in my thin-page brown paper bag journal – it only has a few pages left to complete it so I thought I would do a page in it. The gloss spray is not great on the brown paper, but I added some yellow stars and that worked pretty well to lighten it up at least a bit

I added some figures cut from Collage Collective papers, then I did a crazy thing – I cut one of my expensive red rubber stamps. Yep. I really, really did. This asemic writing stamp has on section of very small text on it – not only is it repeated elsewhere on the stamp, it sticks out and (to me) ruins the look of the whole stamp if you want to stamp it repeatedly to, say, fill a space. So i got the sharpest, smallest scissors I had and, snip, snip, snip…

The unseen benefit was that the tiny bit of text was both small and quite straight, and it worked really well to use to stamp the asemic writing along the edge of the figures. This is a look I really like, but I am still at the stage where I think my own attempts at this scribbly writing will end up ruining a page I otherwise like. I am practicing but just not there yet! The stamp works OK to get the look in the meantime:

See how neatly it travels along the edge? I think alternating the orientation of the stamp will make it look less repetitive, but overall, I am pretty happy with it! And so, my 100 days page – getting so close to 50 now I can taste it ….