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A bit brief – K is for KEYS

Scheduling in advance cause all day today is taken up errands and stuff.

With the challenges, I sometimes catch the sponsored shorts on YouTube (under one minute, bare bones info) and I think to myself Well, that was MY idea for the challenge too – now what will I do? In some cases, really there aren’t a lot of options. Take the J: Jeans one. They used a pocket to put the texture on the plate, almost like an image transfer. So what else is there? I mean I have … two other ideas, but one is going to take a bit of experimenting to see if it will work, and the other (of course) requires an old pair of jeans. Which I don’t have – all bundled off to the charity shop at some point. Should I go buy a pair back??

Anyway, I kinda felt the same about KEYS. I played a bit with using some different things like alcohol ink and pan pastels, but frankly it was all just a key or two or three and not very interesting. So I went another way. A bit like my choice of using an image transfer of Joe EXOTIC for E: Exotic I used an image transfer of typewriter KEYS for this one. Inspired? Not really. It was still just an image transfer, but I do like the look of it. I used Payne’s Grey for the transfer part, and Quin Gold for the pick-up and the contrast is stark.

Just a bit of a close-up:

Sometimes, the amount of detail you can get surprises me!

That’s it for today, short and sweet.


ABC Challenge – Image transfer

Oops. Forgot the schedule this one… here it is, a bit late in the day…

Today, I: Image Transfer! Well, of course I was always going to play with the mica powder layer under an image transfer for this one cause I really love how it looks, and I have an image I really wanted to use. But I also had to play with my pan pastels to see if it does actually work on the same principle, as Zsuzsa mentioned she thought might be the case. So begin with the expected – smear the mica powder all over the plate in a thin but fully-covering layer:

Roll on the black paint in a thin layer, lay on the image (this one is a laser print, but yeah, magazine images work too) and rub fully but lightly. Remove, add the white paint in a thin layer and pull the print. I have walked thru this a few timesso won’t bore you with a ton of phots of paint on the plate LOL!

Such a funky image LOL! I love the paper used for the transfer too. Very interesting as well.

And it is fun to tilt to see the shimmer and then as it shift to a black image

So I did try the same with Pan Pastels and it does work in a similar fashion but for me, not as well. My rainbow-ish colour choice was wrong, the fuchsia and purple too dark, I think, and possibly the brayer should have been cleaned between black and white layers, but yeah, kinda it works

Wroth playing with a bit.

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More ABC Challenge, if a bit late and out of order…

Not managing to do the challenge on the day, cause of the chaos. But I did have a go at something I was keen to try, image transfer on fabric. Now, to be fair, my transfer was on the smooth side of a scrap of leather, one that I got in the grab-bag when the local glove factory closed down. It worked pretty much as you would expect it to!

You can see how clear the transfer was.

So the issue might be how waterproof the image is. In this case I tried heat-setting it with my embossing gun, then tried wiping the paint away with a baby wipe. I mean, you aren’t going to toss a leather anything in the washing machine, now are you? The paint didn’t move.

I pulled the image off without adding more paint, so the image is not as dark as I maybe would like, but it works for me.

I think this could work as a patch on a jacket, for example, but I do have a few ideas to also try:

  • will it work on materials other than leather?
  • would it be more permanent if the image was transferred using something like clear gesso?
  • what about gel medium instead? what about sealing it with Fabric Mod Podge?

So yeah, I am thinking this challenge is doing what it says on the tin – challenge participants to push the edges of the envelope and try crazy new things. Love that!

Seems I did I: Image Transfer here but I am not really claiming double days, so I still need to have another go at that with a different sort of technique…

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Laser print Image Transfer with the Gel plate and WHITE paint? You BETCHA!

OK, so I am going to be honest with you right up front. If you thought image transfer with BLACK paint was tricky, this is no easier. Be warned.

I think there are lots of moving parts to something like this. You need:

  • the right paint
  • the right AMOUNT of paint
  • the right paper
  • the right printer/toner/amount of toner
  • the right pressure to transfer the image
  • the right timing to take it off
  • the right speed to get the pick-up sheet onto the damp paint…

Dear me. The first thing I solved was the toner. I went in to my printer setting and ramped up the black toner by A LOT. Your printer will be different so I won’t bother showing mine. I think it is also better if you move directly from the printer to the plate, so the toner is … not wet, cause it really never is, but let’s say fresh. I tried a few of the papers we had laying about and the best one was one from NAVIGATOR. You can get it in Tesco in the UK. The key phrases are, I think, Silky Touch and Ultra Bright.

The paint I used, which gave me the best success, was Pebeo White, High Viscosity Opaque paint. I tried a few others which did not work as well (for ME) like this massive bottle of so-called Thick White from Amazon (not thick at all, and not highly pigmented) and Daler Rowney White and one by Crawford & Black.

My first attempt went pretty well. I showed these last week:

I think you can see the image quite clearly on the plate. I suspect it might have been better on a darker print but I do love how old-wallpaper-y it looks.

I also tried a larger print of a scandi pattern from FreePik, I think, which was in B&W already as an SVG.

Wow. That was 100% one of the very best ones. Loved it. I had a few fails. Most of them were trying weird things, like using a vellum to print on for the transfer (the paper curled up as soon as I took it off the plate and while I wrestled with that the paint dried on the plate – BAH!) or trying to transfer the paint onto a background with alcohol ink and paint.

Except for the nose, that transferred really well! But I never could get the paint to move onto the background clearly. I mean, they are OK, but not great.

I’d say the first one is the best, and maybe if I outlined it with white gel pen it would be fine…maybe. I have to decide how much more to play with this. I think if I get an idea that seems to make sense, I might give it a go, but I suspect it more likely that I will only use the technique for very specific things.

I will say I did try a couple of magazine transfers using the white paint with again mixed success. I don’t think I even had the right image, and the “right” ones were too good to destroy on an experiment LOL!

I think in general, prints that are very stark B&W and patterned, like the scandi one above, would be the best ones. I think it is the smaller areas of black and white, evenly mixed on the page, with no large areas, that I had the most success with. I think I will create some repetitive patterns that I can use and see how it goes. I can’t really say what it is about the transfer, versus, for example, a stencil, that I like, but it really does have a different quality that I like.

I do love play time! But my mom’s birthday is today so only playing in the morning. Then tomorrow Darling Daughter “graduates” from Education. She already has a plan for Mom&Daughter movies thru August so who knows if I will be able to keep up? Wish me luck 😀


Too hot, so…Crazy gel plate image transfers

I will be avoiding my upstairs office at all costs. In fact, we may be shutting down a few computers to reduce the heat (as well as keeping them from frying LOL!) so I’ll share my weekend play. It was still quite cool, even into Sunday morning, so…

I had never had any success with image transfer on the gel plate, until I tried it with Distress Ink. Once I did it, and reported about it, all of a sudden YouTube would pop up image transfer things all over the place. I also read a post in a gel printing FB group where the artist used Pebeo paints. hum. I have those, so I gave it a go. Success! So that sent me down an image transfer rabbit hole and I started trying all kinds of material. I mean, I NEVER buy Vogue, or really an high fashion magazine. Common knowledge is that it works best. I had bought one in 2020 (special price of like £2 so, yeah, fine with that) and tried it a lot. It never worked with the black paint I had. Which was annoying. Well. With the Pebeo I managed a lot of fun things. Some surprising.

National Trust Magazine/Pebeo Dyna paint

Waitrose Drinks freebie/Fluoro Pebeo

London A2Z map page/Pebeo opaque

Scrap 365/System 3 Fluoro then Pebeo opaque to pull

Wow. Everything worked but an old Ordnance Survey map, which seemed a bit glossy but just sucked up the paint. I also had a go with a lot of books. I have a ton of movie books, with nice heavy pages. Most of these would have been early to mid-80s publication dates, and they pretty much all worked to some degree. I have one called Jock And Nerds, which is all about representations of men in pop culture. I did a transfer with Pebeo opaque to transfer some text, then pulled it off with Winsor&Newton Quin Gold. So stunning IRL

Then I did a transfer of a cowboy with Pebeo Dyna Red. Wish I had done Opague, as it would have been more striking, but these are just experiments and I hadn’t done much with the Dyna ones. You can see my little “placement tool” made of Legos LOL! The plate is just about the height of the bottom tier and the paper fits into the corner of the 2nd tier so I can place things quite precisely.

This was SO much fun. It gave me a lot of ideas. And while I shed many of my old movie books to the charity shops, I still have a lot of them left. And we really truly are planing to buy a laser printer so I will be able to scan ones I really like rather than using them to experiment and losing them if it doesn’t work! Super excited.

So tomorrow is likely to also be an older experiment. My room get hots even on a mild day so yeah, not planning on much. I will carry on doing a tidy while it is still cool in the AM then prep my WOYWW post in advance. I still have desks to get to from last week! Everything went a bit crazy for a few days and I kept meaning to sit down and hop from desk to desk but didn’t manage it. I will do. Right now!

See you on the other side of the two miserable days of heat. Hope you are all staying cool…

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Magazine image transfer with WHAT? And yes, it works.

So yeah. I was playing around with something I did back in 2018, which was transferring images that I had stamped with archival ink onto glossy magazine pages. You can see that post here. It didn’t always work but depending on what you stamped on, it did offer some interesting effects. Or at least I thought it did. But because it was so hit or miss, I really didn’t do much more with it. Kinda th same with image transfer on a gel plate, or at least for me. At some point I saw something about using ink to transfer images and I decided to have a go with that. Blimey. It works a treat.

Weirdly I almost get a better transfer from the Waitrose grocery store freebie than Vogue, but yeah, you really do need to pick a very high contrast image, just like with the paint. Well. The success with that made me want to give the old stamp-with-archival a go and see if the transfers worked better. And yes, they do work pretty well!

So the reason to do this vs. just stamping the image would be what you fill the image with , by stamping over something on the magazine paper. Had I pulled that print ontoplain white paper, I think you would have seen the mag text within the image but as a transfer. But I ended up pulling it on an already painted page in my Journal Petite so it kinda disappeared into that. Oh well. I am 100% not done playing with this, but I have a knitting thing to share first and tomorrow is a day packed full of appointments and meetings, and phone calls so not for a few days I’m sure. Anyway, here is the page – I like it, and yes, truncating SPILL to PILL was very much intentional…

I really love the misty and indistinct nature of the transfer but do wish the text was seen more.