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Crochet hook roll

I found my crochet hooks (YAY!) and as I had duplicates of most sizes. I decided rather than putting all my hooks in one basket, as it were, I’d make a quick little roll to store them.  I figure I may lose track of ONE of my storage devices but it’s unlikely I’ll lose track of BOTH of them LOL!

Pretty simple, actually.  I found a tutorial online for one made from felt, a no-sew version that is actually designed for storing coloured pencils. I sort of adapted it, adding some sewing.  I used a 3 inch strip of felt for the hook storage part.  Cut the felt slits first, using some ruler tape I got from the local discount store.  For the smallest hooks I used a 1/2 inch measure and about 1 inch for the super fat ones:


I took an 18 x 22 inch fat quarter and folded the edged in.  I left about a 2 inch gap in the middle.


I sewed along the open edges.  With the gap there was no need to leave a gap on the edge to turn it right side out!


I laid the hook strip over the gap and sewed that to the fabric.  I added a fold of ribbon on one end to create a tie.



You can see the hooks fit with plenty of room top and bottom, so I was able to fold over those edges.  That will just contain the hooks so they can’t escape!


I sewed the bottom in place but added Velcro to the top part.  It might have been OK to sew both folds down, really, but it might have made getting the hooks at the ends out of the roll a bit harder.


All tucked in to place- but before I sewed the bottom in place.


and rolled!


Nice and compact. Slipping the hooks in to place isn’t as easy as if I had sewn in in a strip of elastic then sewn channels into it, but it’s not really difficult. Slipping them OUT is no problem at all.  I’m always losing track of my weaving in needles so I stuck one of them in there as well.

Easy peasy and really took only about 30 minutes to create! Now, DD is home today and we’ve done the movie thing but she wants me to figure out the written instructions for a loom bracelet (DOH!  And I thought I had managed to escape the craze – apparently not….) so I’m off to do THAT.  Typically she didn’t pick the easiest pattern for me to figure out. Off to YouTube I think…



Homemade stamp pad and white acrylic ink

So there was a post on UKS about white ink.  A trick that was shown at CHA for stamping with the Dylusions spray ink came up.  Now, I had this on the way via mail order, but hadn’t received it yet, and I didn’t have a blank stamp pad (another new product) so, as is my way, I went on a hunt in my overstocked craft room to see what I could come up with.

I grabbed a few things:  a bit of Fun Foam, a bit of fabric store felt (not the thinner, less dense craft felt, although I have that too and it might work almost as well) and an old dried up stamp pad.  I peeled off the dried foam from the stamp pad. I cleaned it of old ink and dried it, then stuck a bit of the felt to a bit of the fun foam (I had high-tack spray adhesive for curtain making on hand, but other stuff might work too)  and cut it to fit the empty stamp pad.


I stuck it to the empty stamp pad with low-melt hot glue – I thought the hotter glue might melt the foam, and the low melt version was already in the glue gun anyway.


I thought having a lid MIGHT make this something I didn’t have to wash out after use. I may cut a piece of plastic to cover the pad, a bit like the plastic over a Staz-on, tho’ not so tight-fitting, to see how that works.

I squeezed a bit, maybe a dropper full, of the Speedry liquid acrylic ink onto the pad and stamped with it.  I didn’t bother with mounts for the stamps, and to be fair I think that might have given an even better impression, but for all the types I tried they ALL worked well.


Here you can see the range


Nice and white, I think.  So I tried two other things – first using the acrylic ink on a bit of Cut&Dry foam, and then on an off-cut of the fun foam & felt version.


A couple of points here.  First, the Cut&Dry foam is really deep and it holds a lot of ink.  For me, that means you either need to be very gentle when “inking” the stamp so you don’t get too much of the liquid ink in the depressions of the stamp (making the text in particular less crisp) OR you need to be very sparing with the ink when loading it – and that balance can be tricky.

See the orange, done with the C&D foam VS the purple with the fun foam & felt?



Now, as this IS acrylic you do need to be sure to clean your stamps…I’m just sayin’…

So then I got my order and had a go with the Dylusions white ink – I really should have turned the bottle a bit but you should be able to tell that is what it is:


Taking into consideration I am NOT using the suggested blank stamp pad, I think it’s pretty good – white, fairly crisp (as crisp as a loose floppy stamp is ever going to be LOL!) and even the smallest text is pretty clear.

But here is where it gets interesting.  My annoyance with all things ink and the fact they bleed when you apply anything wet over them has been mentioned before (often? Perhaps….) so my next step was to check the permanence.  With the acrylic ink I didn’t just wet the paper, I saturated it:


and guess what?  It made NO DIFFERENCE at all. But even wiping over the spray ink version with a baby wipe, you are left with this:


Side by side:


So there you go. I DID try Distress stain as well (can you JUST see the bottle top middle of the photo above?) but I might as well take a photo of a plain black piece of paper, it was so … nothing.

What’s left? Well, I should try washing out the homemade pad to see what happens to it, and likewise I should try leaving it with the lid on for a week or two and see if the ink stays wet. If it doesn’t, how the dried ink will affect the pad might be worth seeing.  But to be honest making the actual PAD is something I would only do for white.  For the colours, I think I would use a bit of the fun foam & felt just loose,  then rinse it out when I was done stamping whatever ink colour I was using.  I did try mixing colours on the pad, which worked but my camera died at that point, and with DD unwell and home from school, I now need to spend some Mom time with her.


WOYWW 100 – flowers

I am loving the look of those little stacked circle flowers – not least because they are dead easy to make.  But today I am experimenting with tarting them up a bit, and making them in different ways.

I had a go at making a crochet version (pretty basic stuff, if you crochet – I was sort of winging it, but it’s a 6-chain circle closed with a slip stitch then chain 3, 15 treble crochet {and that is the US version, wrapping the yarn twice around the hook, thru 2, thru 2, thru 2} and slip thru the top of the chain-3.  Chain 3 again. Second round is 2 trebles in each first round treble.  2nd circle is 5-chain loop, chain 3, 14 trebles, close. I don’t write crochet so I hope that makes sense!) They make a nice change from the petal crochet flowers and aren’t that much thicker than the stacked ones (see the blue one in the back?):

and I’ve been playing with some pretty pearl and crystal sprays as well.

I really like the pearl one.  You can bend the wired sprays any which way you like.  Just a bit of fun on a Wednesday!

Happy WOYWW! Don’t forget to pop over to see the amazing Julia, who keeps it all going and provides the Mr. Linky so we can all have a good snoop round crafty desks across the world.  United in chaos, we are the WOYWW Crowd.  Wowee!

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Cutting felt video

Here is my little YouTube quickie showing the felt cutting.  Not much more than you would have seen in the post, but it’s a holiday and I am feeling a bit lazy.

Still playing around with things, I cut some QuicKutz letters using the same method.  I only have quite tiny letters and mostly they worked pretty well.  Had I any of the bigger letter dies I think they would have been even better.  Funny, more than once I thought I would sell off those old QKs as I almost never use them but in the last few months I have found I DID use then for a couple of things and they were perfect in those cases.  A reminder that I shouldn’t be too quick to get rid of something I think I may not use!  Nothing worse than doing that then finding you want to … reacquire the same item again!

I could get used to this sort of week – a 4 day holiday, followed by two work days, then another 4 day holiday!  Of course it isn’t much of a holiday for us, both working for ourselves and not a company that pays us for holidays off true and proper, but still it does mean a slightly slower pace. Always a bonus.  Shame it got colder again, and windy, but it’ll be way too hot to suit me way to soon.

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Die cut felt

If you saw my post yesterday you will have seen that I’ve been experimenting with die cutting felt, and my problems (solved now!) with cutting fabric and felt using thin dies and the Grand Calibur.  I have been playing and playing and am really happy with some of the things I’ve cut.

But going back to an old post, when I was struggling with organizing my patterned paper and cardstock in any meaningful way (plain cardstock so not a problem!) an I settled on making up “kits of stuff in my stash that I thought went together. I dragged out the first one today and made a layout (yippee!)

I am also forcing myself to go back to old photos and get them scrapped, as the kids are annoyingly camera shy lately. So this is DD quite a few years back. Here is the finished layout:

Not sure I am 100% happy with the journaling block, may still change it, but the die cut felt looks fab:

That is from a Cat’s Pajamas CutUps die – I was easily able to extend the cutting to get a longer strip.

and a few little bits of the faux Baker’s twine – honestly I am STUNNED by the response to this, both on YouTube and here.  Literally, I wanted some twine, I saw the ball of crochet cotton still out from the last dollmaking session, and the idea for how to make it sprang fully formed into my head.  Under 2 mins for the video and then it was out there.  And people liked it.  I am amazed.

Speaking of dollmaking, the journaling on this is a bit of a joke.  DD has a current obsession with anime, as you may recall – mostly Studio Ghibli but I found one called The Girl Who Leapt Through Time that we both really enjoyed (and looking forward to the release next week of the live-action version, praying for her sake it’s dubbed, as she struggles to keep up with the subtitles) so she has been branching out.  She selected on called 5 Centimeters Per Second and it mentioned on the box something about the title being drawn from cherry blossoms falling to earth at 5 cm per second so I adapted that (which she loved!)

I’ll have a little video for the felt cutting, but you won’t need it if you look back – I explain it well enough in the post, but I’ll embed the video once it’s done and uploaded – and as sure as eggs is eggs You Tube will select the worst possible frame for the thumbnail so I’ll havce to wait till my edit takes effect before I make it public!