Embossed Embossing

You may remember my glitter highlight card.  Well, I was considering that and thinking of a way to update it and my eye fell on my drawer full of WOW embossing powders.  I love them because they are so fine and the colours just wonderful.  I have one called Clear Gold Highlight that I really like but haven’t found the right project for it.  Now I have!It is not really much different to the brayer-on-glitter-gel technique except perhaps less messy and a step more.  Here is what you do –
Emboss your cardstock.  as with the glitter gel you want a nice overall pattern, not one that has bug gaps.  You want to use a good weight cardstock, so the embossing is quite deep.  I would say smooth card is best, too, rather than textured.
Now load your brayer with Versamark, or other clear embossing ink.  Try to hit just the high points – you can do this easily working on a hard surface, or by leaving the card IN the folder, so the high points are supported by the folder and stay rigid.
Sprinkle on the embossing powder.  You should get it clinging to the raised bit, but if you do get a smidge in the dips either don’t worry about it and call it grunge (and later you will see a way to mask this a bit more) or whisk away the worst of it with a little fine tip paintbrush.  Heat emboss. Cool, hummm?
Check out the sparkle on that gold highlight powder!Now, about the hiding of stray glitter.  Since it is embossed and the powder set, you can smudge over it all with Distress ink than lightly buff the embossed part to bring back the shine.
This Olive is matt, rather than super-shiny – love that look.
and now to tie it all n with my printables (keep in mind the embossing folders don’t QUITE fit a 4 x 6 card blank – you can add a mat to make up the difference or, as with the Santa-suit card, split the piece and mask the gap with a strip of cardstock or ribbon) :
This one has no DI added, and I did think (as I type) that a spritz of some pale glimmer mist over all might look quite pretty.  Have to give that a go ….


Embossed flower

I really should be cleaning, as we have a mate from the states coming tomorrow, but it’s been too long since  just had a creative playtime and I had an idea that I just wanted to try out.

I was playing with the idea from last week of brayering ink over the embossed cardstock, and I spied the new punch that I got, the one with the big holes and scallops.

I embossed a thick strip of cream cardstock, scooching the embossing folder along so the whole thing was covered.  You can see the join, but it doesn’t really matter for this.

With chalk ink I brayered over the embossing to highlight it.

I punched the edge with the hole-y scallop and trimmed ita 1/2 inch or so above the scallops. I scored it in my usual way, between the scallops and at the apex, then stuck the ends to make a circle and squashed it to make a rosette.

Topped with a button, they look very pretty.  BUT, I think they are perhaps better on a card or maybe hanging on a ribbon as an ornament.  I suppose they aren’t all that much thicker than a normal rosette but still, they might be a little bit thick for a scrapbook page.  Maybe on a band to create a napkin ring?  Anyway, it was just my first experiment with it, and as I usually do I’ll probably play around with it a bit more till I perfect it.

I like the look of the strip, punched, before it gets scored and THAT I might play around with to use as a border on a scrapbook page.  Lucky I have a crop this weekend!