Storytelling quotes to download, and how I made them

Today is the day we all say a final good-bye to our WOYWW friend Shaz Silverwolf. I’m not feeling super creative so nothing very arty today.

I get into the weeds here, and I can’t promise this was the best or most perfect way to accomplish this, but it’s what I did. While I am not 100% happy about the results (that e is wrong!) it’s close enough for now.

The goal: to make quote blocks that looked enough like the Dina Wakely stamp from a set I own that I could use them on the same page.

The stamp looks like this:

Thing to note: It seems slightly stretched in height, the “ink” has a hand lettered quality, or maybe more like an ink-bleed from stamping, and it has scattered grungy dots or ink splatters behind.

The first thing I did was audition a few fonts that I thought were a close (if not exact) match. Surprisingly, Helvetica (yep – bog-standard, everyone has this on their computer Helvetica) was pretty close.

Not even close, you say? Well, by manipulating the shape of the letters, and a few key letters in particular:

I got to the point (by both stretching the letters height-wise and squashing them together width-wise) where you can see the match is not that far off:

The shape of both the b and the e are not quite right but not a million miles off. The program I use is a weird one. In order to add the grungy, handwritten feel to the letters I would need Photoshop or the Gimp or something like that, and I just was not SO bothered by the slight miss-match to do that. I might continue playing with this, but no reason not to share what I have at the moment. By dupicating the block of text that fit, then typing the quotes, each quote matches the spacing and sizing. Adding the grunge was tedious but not hard – I already had a font, one I have used often, that has grungy dots as part of it – SC_InkBlots (used on my Stampotique book) – so all I had to do was repeat the 7, flipping and rotating and resizing it to offer some variation, and hid those variation behind the text. Again, if I had Photoshop, and an ink-spatter brush it would be 100x easier.

The end result is not bad, and useful for any art journalers, whether they have this particular stamp or not.

Because the quotes themselves are useful, I did a PDF with both the ink-spattered version and a plain version. Feel free to download and print it for use in your art journal. Do bear in mind that your printer ink might smear if you use any wet medium over it – mine did a bit cause I was too lazy to get out my gel plate and seal it. I’ll just add the page again so you can see my first version of this process, although the PDF versions are, I think, a closer match – the ones on the page needed to be squished a little bit more.

It’s been a while since I shared a download like this. I hope it is useful and if so, I might do more.

Almost forgot my next 100 days page! Photographed before the journaling. Intentionally.

Off now to explore my program and see if there is a tool in it to rough up that font a bit, and to photograph my junk-journal pages….


Chevron Calendar for 2021

I find it hard to say no.

I had a lovely comment the other day from Kim, saying how much she liked a calendar I did back in 2015. I replied, saying this was one of my least favourite calendars and that I had only done it once(because it had been hard to make, really, not so much I didn’t like the design) and I said I may not respond with a yes.

But like I said, I find it hard to say no ūüôā

So I did make it and here it is, for Kim and anyone else who likes it:

A few minor positional changes but otherwise just the 2015 version updated. Like the original there are a couple extra chevron-only cards at the end of the last page. I hope you find them useful!


2021 Calendar with journaling space

I try to fulfill requests when I have the time, and I recently had a request for an update of a 2019 calendar, one I only made ONCE, so far as I can see. It had the pretty circles on the side, with journaling lines as well, in a larger 4×6 block. Originally I think I made them for Project Life pockets. It looks like this:

Cute and simple – tricky because you can only fit two on a page and keep them to true 4 x 6. I have often thought it might be an idea to scale them smaller and allow for a white border, so you could get four on a page, but it means you would need to do something more than print and cut – people tend to like things uncomplicated.

You can download that file here, and I hope they are useful!

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More Christmas tags!

My friend has a specific punch (hers is the Vaessen Creative XXXL) and I offered to size my Elf feet tags to fit the punch exactly. She tested them and it works great. The trick is to positiong the feet in the bottom right corner with just the barest sliver of white space. Maybe the photo she shared will help?

I have done a couple more sets as well. The elf tags to fit this specific punch look like this – of course you can cut them by hand if you like! I really packed them in, because I had the advantage of knowing the specific diameters of the punch they were meant for. 18 tags to a sheet! Grab this set here.

The next set also fits the punch. These print just the front of the tag – you can write in the TO and FROM on the back. Gnomes are so cute right? Get that sheet here.

I oriented the images on all the tags very specifically, so the punch can punch efficiently – you SHOULD be able to punch all of the outside images and only fiddle with the two in the very middle. Well, that was the plan, anyway.

OK so the last set is based on some Banksy artwork. I did a little research on copyright for this one. I think I am OK in adding them, especially for free, for your personal use only. While Banksy supposedly once said Copyright is for Losers! I was hoping for something more solid than that by way of permission. But the recent court case is confusing at best. So I’m adding them here. If that is wrong, I imagine I’ll hear about it.

I am unlikely to start designing tags to fit a huge range of punches, so don’t ask. Unless of course you want to send me the punch LOL! I got my mate to bring hers over so I could use it to test out the placement. I tried doing it from measurements and it was never quite right. Just letting you know….


Cute Christmas Tags to Download

OMG, I am out of practice! It seems to have been so long since I did any digital designing. But as I am feeling in a Christmas-y mood at the moment – mostly because some of my knitting friends have been doing Christmas stuff for MONTHS now, I am guessing it’s cause they are NOT American and have neither the Thanksgiving holiday nor the election distraction in the middle! I though I would dust off my skill set and see what I might come up with.

I am trying something slightly different this time.  If you can see, the circles at the bottom have no framing lines.  For those, I figured no lines mean people can use a punch or a die in a few different sizes to cut them out.  That seems more helpful to me.  That PDF is downloadable here.

Now, that made me think – what if people wanted a slightly different tag shape than the one I made? what if they wanted a straight rather than curved top, or straight corners? Both would be easier to cut. So I decided to add another version where there are no lines at all!

If you prefer THAT PDF, you can download it here.

So I think these are pretty cute. If you do use them, as always, I would love to see how you do – if you have a die that works perfectly or if a trimmer, guillotine or scissors is how you did it. I haven’t done the more British Happy Christmas this year, but might do, if requested.

Honestly, those images look a little fuzzy to me – can’t tell if it is my tired, election watching eyes, old age, or my struggles with the unavoidable WordPress changes recently. And the TO/FROM black is THIN but darker than the image shows. Reports back on how it prints for you would be welcome.


Been a while… Tear off calendars for 2019

I have been busy and also had a little relapse of my NAM so blogging has not been my top priority.  But I did manage to make a couple of sheets of tear-off blocks for 2019.  Those of you who like to make calendar related gifts might find them useful.  There are older posts, like this one,  that show how to make a tear-off calendar from cut month blocks.

I’ve tried to make these simple to cut this time, just cut along the lines.

Here is the flat-topped circle one:

And here is a version with a bit more space around it, in case you want to make your tear-offs a bit special, like these:

You can see how I do that here. There is also a cute, simple foldable calendar card project in that post, so worth having a look anyway.

And here are the plain block ones:

No idea why the line looks darker here.¬† I doesn’t look like that in the PDF preview!

I hesitate to say the dreaded C-word (not THAT one, the DECEMBER one!) but if you make gifts, that Calendar card project is one you can easily whip up and have a stash on hand in case you need an emergency gift!

Also bear in mind that many of the Project Life sized cards also make nice tear-off blocks:

and you can see other 2019 calendars here.

Have fun!

PS I am still more or less keeping up with the book folding templates, getting a few requests every day, just in case people think I am not doing them because I am not posting about them.  I am.

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Planner/Smash book flags cutting file

I’m interested to see how this works. I made a set of tags and flags for planners, etc. Well I went ahead and made a cutting file (.svg) for them.



To be honest, I don’t have the kind of cutting machine that lets me scan and cut or alight printed papers with the cutting lines. ¬†I can sort of make these work but it’s a bit hit or miss. ¬†Inserting the carrier ever so slightly to one side or the other and it isn’t a very close cut. ¬†But I had two thoughts – first, there will be those who can make the file work with the printable sheet, and second, the shapes themselves are cute and useful, so just using the cutting file to cut them out of patterned cardstock or paper would be fine.

The OTHER thing I wanted to test is to see if I can add a link to the file here by hosting it on UKS and doing that rather than using Dropbox. ¬†So I’m going to try it. ¬†THIS is the UKS hosted file. ¬†and my goodness! ¬†It seems to work! Astonishing. ¬†It’s always annoyed me that I had to send people to Dropbox for downloads. ¬†I don’t do many that aren’t in a¬†format that WordPress allows, but I would rather have them downloadable from here.

So I’ll be curious to know if it works for you so LMK.

Quite a bit going on today.  I decided to re-design my planner, for a few reasons.  This is what I had yesterday:


This is what it looks like now:



I am happy with the layout but not with the colour.¬†It might be a little too bright. ¬†I’ll have to print it and see….

But for now I’ll have to put it on hold as there is a car that needs replacing. {sigh}


Sick day printables for Project Life

I’ll tell you what I am sick of…internet issues in rural Hampshire. ¬†Meh. I’ve spent entirely too much time with my ISP trying to work out the problems with my internet, to include crawling around under my desk and swapping out a test router for the one I have. ¬†All well and good, except the cables they supply are ridiculously short so I am left with equipment in unworkable places, in order to make the connections.


I can’t even properly sit at my desk! As this is meant to be a temporary situation I am not keen to completely reorganize to accommodate so I’ve just tried working around it. ¬†That will help to explain why I have been MIA over the last week. ¬†BT is coming on Monday, and with luck that will actually sort things out. ¬†But hearing about¬†my internet woes isn’t¬†why you are here. ¬†This is:


My poor patient commenter, who asked for SICK DAY printables, has probably given up on me.  But here they are. Click to Download the PDF.

A couple of things to note: ¬†My printer needs pink and yellow ink. ¬†When I print these, the “blue” more BLUE and not is as I designed it, a bit turquoise. ¬†If you print them and what you get is not turquoise, I’d like to know that. I’ll test it myself when I replace the ink, but I’m always interested in how my stuff prints on other printers. Next, I was aiming for things that could be used for both kids, sick, home from school, as well as adults taking a day off work (sick or not!) ¬†I’m not trying to address, specifically, depression or a more serious or chronic illness, but these can be used for those situations, if you think¬†they fit. ¬†As with the BAD DAY printables, I hope you never need these, but the reality is you probably will




Red tree ornaments to print

As long-time readers may recall from past years, I usually design some sort of small tree ornament to print for DD to add to the Christmas cards she hands out. ¬†I’ve done green ones and a turquoise and a green version¬†with words before. ¬†This year I used the red and white cross stitch style pattern to make them.¬†redtrees

The single page PDF has 10 trees.  You can punch a hole, add an eyelet and something to hang it by and get 10 little ornaments.


If you prefer, you can use three of them scored down the middle and stuck back to back to back for a more 3D version.  When I do that one I often just snip off the very pointy tops Рit makes punching the hole easier and the top is hidden by the hanger.


Obviously the flat ones work better for a card topper, although the 3D ones can be pressed flat to fit in an envelope.  You can see both the Christmas colours and the turquoise word version here, and the green version here .


Resized Halloween-y digistamps

Still not entirely happy with the process or the format, but here is a sheet of the “stamps” from yesterday, in a smaller size. ¬†I can only think to add them as individual .jpgs for them to be fully resizable.



I did get one comment that, so far as the online translator is able to translate, seems to say that the smaller size is better/more useful. ¬†As I suggested I might, I’ve sized these to fit a 2″ circle punch. ¬†And as that took up so little of a sheet of card, I added a few more that could (perhaps) work as a Halloween item – loosely, costumes, I guess. ¬†The full set is here – same deal as before, click to open the full size image then right-click to save (or drag onto your desktop) and print full size to fit the 2″ punch. ¬†Play around with them in PSE etc. to be able to size them more.


If you use them I would love to see how!