Bright Spring and Dark Fall month cards

Still playing …

I decided to go ahead and make the companion Month calendar cards, using one of my 2014 calendar cards as a base.  My only hesitation came from the fact each set really only has 6 or so colours.  I’ve added one yellow that doesn’t appear in the original set but that works with it, just because none of the other options worked for me.  Tell me what you think!



Now, if you grabbed the original set (which you can find in the Calendar Making menu at the top) you may recall that I arranged these 6 to a sheet.  Normally that wouldn’t work for A4 prints but as these have white backgrounds they do – taking advantage of the white border your A4 printer will add.  They should cut perfectly if you cut down the middle at the red lines then cut along the coloured bars to the left as your first cuts.  Then simply cut then at 3 inches.  That’s the theory anyway – any problems please comment.  If there is ever a problem with any of my printables and you don’t tell me, I’ll carry on, assuming they are fine!

The Bright Spring set can be downloaded HERE and the Dark Fall set HERE.



An experiment – Dark Fall printables

I always save my files in ways that (I hope) will make them easy to alter. I wondered exactly how long that might take, if I wanted to take a full set and change them.  So I just had a bash.

In reality, because some of the elements are actually a few layers, more than you think. For example, the little cameras are actually:

  • the camera dingbat
  • a tiny white circle to fill the button
  • a coloured circle to surround the lens

And they have to be layered individually, button circle at the back, dingbat, coloured circle on the top.  Ditto the words that are backed with white. The font alone isn’t enough – it needs a white box at the back, a solid box the same colour to fill the space bar character (which is white normally) and the words are both filled and stroked to get the right look.

Boring, isn’t it?  But what it means is all the little groups need to be ungrouped and the new colours applied to just the element that needs it.  And that takes more time than just selecting all the elements that might be BLUE and changing them in one click to a different blue. Even so, once I actually PICKED the colours it only took about an hour to process all 5 pages.  Some of it was learning the best way to do things.  For example, if I wanted all the BLACK elements with a BROWN options, it would be far faster to create them then alter just the one element and group it and store it in a file called BROWN.  I used to ALWAYS do a black and a brown option (or sometimes a PINK and a BLUE option LOL!) but this is the first set in a while that I did like that.

Want to see them?


So you can see it’s basically the same thing as the Spring set but with Fall tones.  And it’s just the one PDF with all five pages, which you can download here.

NOTE: Newly added, a companion set on Monthly calendar cards, both Bright Spring and Dark Fall, found here.

Do you mind only seeing the smaller sample of the sets?  It seems easier for me (esp. on my iPad or phone) than the huge multiple images, but it does give an overview of what the set contains.  Let me know….I always appreciate it.


Bright Spring journaling cards

These will match the previous set.  I’ve kept them plain but the faint background image will (I hope) add  a little extra interest while not detracting from your journaling.


The colourful areas are perfect for a small title or as a place to build a little cluster of embellishments.  You can download the 2-page PDF here.

As always I would very much appreciate any feedback you have on these.  I am hoping I’ve made commenting easier but you’ll have to let me know on that as well!


Bright Spring (PL printables)

I thought I might try making something like a “collection” – a number of useful PL cards that go together – rather than the more here’s a few approach.

NOTE: The companion journaling cards have been added here

NOTE: Newly added, a companion set of Monthly calendar cards, both Bright Spring and Dark Fall, found here.

The feel of Spring is in the air today – we might even BBQ dinner (not that cold and rain keeps us from that!) so I picked some brighter that pastel but still spring-like colours. There are three pages in the PDF – mostly filler cards but some have a bit of space for a small bit of journaling.  I’ll make a set that is more specifically journalling soon.


Hope you like them and find them useful.



Sometimes, you see something that is just begging to be used RIGHT NOW.  Sarah commented on by blog banner for WOYWW – apparently, the fact I had a Hunter S. Thompson quote on it almost made her head explode (her words.)

I sent her a link to one of my Stampotique projects that had many more HST quotes and she returned the favour by sending ME a link to her site with some cute/weird digi stamps.  After trolling thru her long list of them, and grabbing quite a few, a handful of them spoke to me so strongly I just had to do SOMETHING with them right away.

Now, when I want to do something creative but time is short, I tend to fall back on ATCs or tags – they are small, quick to do, and more often than not I can use stuff I have hanging around.  It has been a LONG time since I did any colouring in with my Copics and the images seemed to cry out for that – some of the areas are soooooo tiny, and my colouring skills are not the best, but I think they turned out OK.  I wasn’t even going to TRY to cut the thinnest areas so left a bit of a border.  Here they are:


The backgrounds are all bits of Gelli prints, scraps leftover from other projects.  Here are the close-ups so you can read the text a bit better:

668 – the neighbour of the beast



You’ll never find the answer to “What’s the right hat?”



I think I need another hat on the left to balance it better.  I just need to find one more….

and finally, If you were going to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?



That one is actually from their Christmas selection, in lieu of 3 French Hens, it’s 3 French Mimes.  The unfortunate placement of the last bullet hole stamp is due to the annoying habit of cling/clear stamps when the sticky is less than strong – they fall off the block and if they are already inked, well, you get the stamped image where it falls.  Vaguely anti-feminist, I think, but That one was the MOST, the fiddliest, colouring in and I am not going to re-do it, so I’ll live with it.

Have a gander at the others – you might find one that appeals.  I still have a Day of the Dead sort of image and one she calls The Patron Saint of Low Bandwidth (OMG do I need a patron Saint like that!) waiting in the wings….

Sad that after missing 2 months of crops the one that was meant to be this week ended up getting cancelled due to low numbers, and the one NEXT weekend may conflict with something.  Since it seems I never get around to making layouts unless I am at a crop, holding on to planned pages for that fun, communal time, I am feeling like I may have to clear the decks and just make a page, to scratch that itch.  But not today…


Highs & Lows/Ups & Downs colourful Project Life Printables

Bet you thought with all my messy art journal play I had totally abandoned my other interests.  Not so.  I’ve had these on my mind for a while.  DH is doing an online cooking competition for brunch recipes (with chilies, of course – a BAG of chilies, in fact!) so while he was getting that sorted I popped to my desk to make them.

Not a huge set, a couple each orientation and a single matching journaling card that you should be able to flip any way you need to, to fit your page. I should mention there are no box-lines on that but plenty of white space for you to cut it to size, OR cut just the colourful strip to add to a small photo as a little tie-in embellishment!


They’re bright and bold, and there is a slight texture to the colourful stripes.  I’ve been called to the kitchen so not had time to print them.  Do let me know if there are any issues! Just a one page PDF and not huge, sizewise – grab it here!


2014 calendar cards for Project Life

NOTE:  If clicking the PDF link doesn’t automatically download it, right-click and select Download Linked File.

I seem to be having some slightly odd problems today.  Any feedback would be very welcome to help me figure out if it’s just me and my machine.

I had made this little set of 3 x 4 monthly calendar cards for PL.  For some reason, when I open the PDF it opens r e a l l y  s l o w l y.  No idea why.

It’s a three-page PDF.  There are the 12 monthly cards, as well as a set of small banner-y things.  You can add them to photos, to other filler cards, or to plain 3 x 4 bits to create a journaling card.

I’d have loved to print and cut to show you all those things, but between the UKS stuff I always have to do on a Sunday, getting DD ready for her first day of college, and getting DH ready for a week at a conference followed immediately by another Chili cook-off, I just didn’t find the time.  Sorry.  Here’s the most useful page as a screenshot – shows the banner-y things add the colours.


Hope you find them useful – of course you can probably find other uses for them other than Project Life, and if you do, please share!



If you can’t beat ’em…(Christmas Printables for Project life)

I have been seeing Christmas things (cards, printables, etc) since JANUARY and while I always moan about it, I also know that there are MUCH more organized and forward thinking people out there who are much better prepared for the day than I am because they start well in advance.  They might appreciate these.

When looking for images for something else I found these adorable graphics by Spoon Graphics, luckily free to use, and grabbed ’em, with the idea to file them away for a later date.  But in looking at them I felt they would work well with the Word Search style things I am in love with at the moment.  I first made a cute set of Christmas card toppers, then figured as long as everything was there on my desktop, I might as well make a set of PL printables.


two page PDF, with five 3 x 4 cards and two 4 x 6 cards (I don’t often make 4 x 6 ones but frankly I thought  they would also work as card toppers and I’m all about the double-duty items) and two photo addition strips.  I did that a few times on some older printables.  Designed as small strips, with tabs, you can add them to the front of a photo and secure the tabs on the back.  One is 4 inches and one 6. The 6 inch one can be folded to make it smaller, you just lose the birdie!



Don’t feel like you have to slavishly cut the tabs exactly – they get folded to the back so it’s more a visual clue as to how to use them than it is a precise requirement.


This will give you an idea of what you are getting.


I love kraft and red, so luckily that colourway worked with the graphics.  I think they turned out cute as can be.  The featured words are in red, and bold, but they take up such a small space on most of them you could easily print word strips that work for you, even on white, then stick them over my words to make the whole set much more usable.

And as to more usable, I see no reason you couldn’t cut out the 3 x 4 filler cards and simply punch a hole in one corner to turn them into gift tags, or indeed why you couldn’t mat them and use them a small card toppers! MORE than double duty! The words on this one were SNOWY DAY and while I would be OK with leaving them on a tag, if you don’t like them you can cut them off.


I’ll add the cards after I get them printed and made up as actual cards, but expect them to follow the same idea.  I suspect I will probably include the sheet of the kraft colourway in that PDF as well if when I test the cutting there is enough space to trim them down to just slightly UNDER 4 x 6 for a card topper with a border, IYKWIM.

With luck that will happen tomorrow.  DH is back from Japan on Saturday and next week is crazy busy, with Challengers for DD, Insomnia, both practice and the event itself for DS , a chili cook off for DH, then DH taking DS back to Scotland the next week.  Then we are in to back to school for DD and things will settle a bit.  I’m exhausted just typing it all out!I try to blog every day but when life is busy it’s mighty hard!


Endless book pages, digitally

This question came up mere moments ago on UKS and I spent a little bit of time sorting it out and finding links so I could answer, and as I had already done the work, and as non-members can’t see the attachments, I thought I would pop it on to my blog as well.  I have used Alice In Wonderland as an example, but there are lots of books out there available in electronic form.

I started with what I thought was the easiest way to access the TEXT, in a way that can be manipulated easily – that meant Project Gutenberg, which does have Alice In Wonderland available as an e-book.

The problem with e-books is they look like your computer screen.  The fonts are selected for readability, not cause they are nice to look at.  Just grabbing the text from the page online gives you something that just isn’t pretty.


But, if you copy and past the boring screen shot into some program or another (PSE should work, but I use Intaglio.  I imagine WordArt would work on a PC) then change the text, you can get something that approaches usable.  I think this version is best where you may want to use a bit of the actual TEXT, like to add it as a sentiment on a card, or text on an ATC or an art journal page.  One problem I am always having is going to a page in my dictionary, the French/English one that I use when I need book paper words, only to find that I tore it out cut up the word I am looking for!  This gives you an endless supply and lets you change the font a bit.  But to be fair, it’s just a time saver – you get the same thing by typing the text into your program and manipulating it.


I think I would play a bit more with the baseline and kerning of the text, to spread out the words and space the lines more like the original, and make words or phrases easier to cut out.

I have a pack of old paper that Alison passed on to me at crop that works great for printing.  You won’t be able to see if from the photo, but this paper was stored for a long time, and has a nice, ivory/yellowed look to it that makes it look like actual book paper, albeit slightly thicker. A newsprint pad or sketch book might work as well.  I wonder if shops are missing out on selling OLD, yellowed pads at a premium, cause who has time to let one moulder in the sunlight for a month or two?


Good, but nothing like the original if you want to be able to use it in a more decorative way. For that, look for the actual book pages in something like Google books.  Using whatever sort of screen shot capture program you have, and for me on my Mac that’s GRAB, you can take that and print it.


The advantage there is you get the illustrations too!

Now I would warn that this is probably fine for using on your own art, but I would research it before you used it to make things to sell.  Although I believe Alice is in the public domain, I and not sure  that sort of use, on items to sell, is OK. Some of the pages clearly have COPYRIGHT on them so be careful how you use them!

Anyway, I think this opens up a huge world of possibilities.  And the thought of having an endless supply is appealing.  This is an image I rather stumbled on, but doesn’t it look a bit like a headless dancer?? Can you see it? The area marked 1 at the top is the “neck”, the 4’s are the arms, the lower 1 and 13 the “legs”…



I think it needs a Stampotique head on it, don’t you?



Pattern printables (editable PNGs) for Project Life

We are seeing the first glimmer of Spring here.  Finally.

I have been playing around with PNGs over the last week or so.  I’ve had a few comments from people saying they would like the printables as PNGs so they can change colours easily. So that is what I did.

There are a couple of things – first, .PNGs that come as B&W or Brown & white.  I figure that might be the sort of overall change people might make. Then a trio of PDFs, B&W, Brown, and a Spring coloured B&W one.  But it is dead easy to just select whatever you want and colour it, so if you don’t like my colours, just do ones you DO like.

B&WspringThey are just meant to be colourful filler cards, but they would work equally as well printed on coloured card or Kraft card if you don’t fancy editing the PNGs. Not tried printing on patterned paper so unsure how well the printer ink might cover.

I’ve not done this in the past so if you see any problems LMK.  I did notice a slight artifact, very thin grey lines over the checkerboard, and similar lines dividing the small diamond grid, but it doesn’t affect the printing (or it didn’t when I printed it) so hopefully you won’t have any troubles with it.

In addition you should be able to cale the size up for 4×6 cards, although some of the patterns, in that size, might be almost TOO in your face.  I may have to play around with them a bit more.

Let me try to be organized:


  1. PDF to print
  2. PNG to edit


  1. PDF to print
  2. PNG to edit