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Deli paper, Vaseline + Distress Oxides for the win!

You may recall me doing a play session using Distress Oxides, Vaseline and stencils over coated cardstock and photo paper.

Tons of fun, lovely pieces in the end, and I then did it using stamping with Vaseline too. Well. I have been thinking of best ways to get the DI over the Vaseline and it occurred to me that the Gel plate might offer some interesting options. For example, previously I just smeared the DI on to my glass mat or a tile or something like that, then added the water and dragged the paper rhtu it. The effect was more … scattered ink, which was lovely, don’t get me wrong, but it was always pretty wet and took a while to dry so you could get to the buffing part. This was the same technique on tracing paper/vellum, which really highlights the scattered ink effect.

I also had the idea, being that I seem to be playing with collage a lot, that deli paper might also work. I love the translucency of it and the collage options so…

As the last time, Vaseline thru the stencil, but the DI added to a gel plate then the ink misted with water to get it moving

Once the ink is more liquid, press the plate over the Vaseline from the stencil

Without looking back, you may find it hard to tell that there is much less ink on the deli paper than what my past experiments with smeared-on-glass/time efforts. And it was OK to blot LIGHTLY with a piece of plain paper to remove some of the wet ink so you can buff off the Vaseline sooner.

Another stencil:

You can even add a bit more Vaseline (or any generic petroleum jelly product) and buff it but even if you don’t, the jelly you originally pushed thru the stencil will be enough to make the piece resist water and allow you to collage it, the matte medium will not smear it.

I like the distinct line of colour with this method, just a different effect than the other. Two more tricks to add to your gel plate play and collage! I have been playing with this, trying to develop the cover focal points for my double flag book. A couple of samples speak to me. Not shown here, cause it was photo paper not deli paper, but, yeah, should work. Nearly done…

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About those circles – one done!

I still have a LOT to do on the hexipuff blanket but I have finally finished the gel print circles so I can share a bit more info about the project and the inspiration. I saw a post …. someplace, I forget where, but a quick search led me to this YouTube video

The project is called Biology Rising and the process the artist used to create it… well… WOW. Lots of steps created a stunning result. The short version is gel prints on tissue paper, stuck to wire frames, coated in beeswax, hung like a curtain. With the light coming thru it’s magnificent!

Anyway, if you read regularly, you will have seen my process so far, but I will recap it here:

After sticking the black circles front and back, I cut them all out and began playing around with placement:

I decided that a few empty circles would add something interesting to the mix so I cut a few and played with placement again:

The frames are stuck together with double-stick adhesive. I needed a method to hang them and what I came up with was kinda interesting. I cut a piece of cardboard the width of the window and covered the front with black cardstock. I unbent a few large paper clips, creating a sort of U shape that fit over the window frame. I stuck that to the back of the cardboard with a combo of Art Glitter Glue and strong tape.

Now it is in place, sadly, on quite a dull and dismal day so not seen at it’s best, I think it looks fab.

I’ll hope for a brighter, maybe even sunny day tomorrow. I still have a pile of deli paper to use, and I think I may make a companion piece to fill the other window, as this is a three window bay.

Now, this is not anywhere near as stunning as the original, but I used stuff I had on hand, and all it really took me was the time to make it. The result if really pretty – it lets in plenty f the light so not worried about that being an issue, and it was a lot of fun to make. I will have to see how it looks from the outside LOL! The deli paper has a very definite front and back, and without the beeswax step it doesn’t have the same translucency but my version is achievable with some pretty basic supplies.

Now, back to cranking. Really hope I can get to maybe the halfway point on my blankie (or near to it) so I can share a progress shot.


Painted Papers Done!

OK, so not QUITE done. I made one sheet thru all three phases but I want to experiment with the other deli paper sheets before I rush to make five or six (or more!) the same.

The final phase is surface decoration and for that I use inks, stamps and stencils.

The inks are mostly archival but I just love the Distress Oxide inks for the rich colours so I use them sparingly. And I am loving my fluid gold acrylic ink so I have to get some of that in there too.

As for the stamps, I usually choose a couple of categories:

  • some graphic shapes
  • some text
  • some mark-making stamps
  • something floral and/or organic

I also like at least one really BIG stamp. I just find that this selection works best for me. I may not end up using all of them but I like to have a limited selection to choose from. Once I have that all set out I just start stamping, usually moving from the largest to the smallest and using one colour per stamp – so if I do the big spiral in purple, I don’t also do a big spiral in pink. I generally try to add white or black as the final colour, except for the spatters of gold ink.

And I have a little trick for the white – I like to use the acrylic ink for that and I use one of the small flat makeup sponges as a temporary ink pad. Just lay it out, drip a few drops of the ink onto the pad and use it up. You can swipe it into your journal to use up any excess and wash out the sponge to use again.

The final paper is yummy – well, I think it is!

I loved it a lot and had an idea for using it – something I saw on WOYWW this week, on Angela’s blog. It was a simple fold then cut to assemble a little booklet. And a comment about a very old calendar I made provided the rest of the idea. I’ll get the photos sorted and share that tomorrow! Here is a teaser – it actually uses a scanned and printed version of my painted paper (in two sizes) rather than the whole A3 sheet.

In the meantime, I might stick down a bit more deli-paper and start building my next sheet.

On another note, super happy about the Georgia results but shocked, if not surprised, by the events on the Hill. Watching it all unfold was gut-wrenching. I think the true damage done over the last four years may take a while to realize. The election results don’t mean things will immediately be better from noon, 21 January, when Biden is sworn in. They may BEGIN to get better, but it will take some time. So I wonder if I will ever feel Good As Hell or will that art journal page remain forever in limbo?


Painted Papers part 2

Finally. Sorry for the wait.

So, I have cleared my desk and begun by setting out all I need:

  • a large A3 sheet of sketch paper
  • gel medium
  • a brush
  • my painted papers

The first step is to tear all the papers into strips as you like. I began with strips this time, although I did more chunks last time. I’m interested to see the difference.

Also different, I added in some bits of the glitter-full tissue paper from my Twinchies. Love that stuff.

Begin to add the strips to fill the page. Use plenty of gel medium to make sure it is all stuck down well.

I left a few gaps where the white showed thru on the first pass, then filled those gaps the next pass. For the final pass I filled any remaining white spaces with the glitter tissue:

So that is the first sheet. And I MAY have over-produced. Look at all I have leftover from making sheet ONE using one sheet each of the six colours. Remember I have two more sets of six left!

I think I could ALMOST get another full sheet from the scraps – and I am pleased to see (maybe with the exception of the green) there is about the same amount of scraps for each colour. I have an idea of a variation that I will play with later and report back.

Th final step is adding additional surface colour and design. I’ll collect my tools and carry on. More tomorrow – and this time I do mean tomorrow, not with a two day detour into cleaning and organizing LOL! There is more work to be done in my craft room, for sure, but it can wait.


Will it be a masterboard? OR just lovely paper?

You might recall a while back I did an art journal page with (IMHO) a really stunning background. Here it is before the final sticking down into my journal:

Man, I LOVED that background so much I almost didn’t want to put ANYTHING over it, maybe just a tiny text sticker. I got a sheet of fairly sturdy, but also thin, art paper in the sales and I had a mind to create a few sheets of this so I could use them as the fancy struck me and not feel like I had to hoard them. And as I was doing it anyway I figured I might as well do a better job of documenting the process, step by step.

I planned to work on three sheets of deli paper at a time, creating all three with the same method. First, I made three sheets each of green, blue, purple, orange red and yellow.

Today, Layer ONE:

This was super simple – although, to be fair, the whole process is super simple. I took a selection of paints of three basic types. I used a dark-ish opaque paint, a transparent paint in the same or an analogous hue, and finally a Dyna paint.

In some cases, I didn’t HAVE one of the three options in the right type. Most often I was lacking the Dyna version, so I might mix something else in. The method was simply brayering the paint on to the deli paper. I aimed for a thin coating, leaving open areas in each layer, so the sheets maintained a bit of their transparency. Here is the RED version:

I worked my way thru each of the colours till I had a full compliment, three sheets of each, all yummy, although the blue ended up a little dark for my taste. I just didn’t have anything bu opaque blues and it was a challenge to get something close to what I had with the others.

The second layer is BLACK – this could be stamping or stenciling and I used a selection of mostly homemade stamps or things like bubble wrap, a hot pad, and some plastic canvas.

Love that pattern on that hot pad! I worked my way thru all of the sheets, adding the black layer

then moved on to the WHITE layer. Again I used a variety of tools:

These were also mostly homemade tools, like to texture plates made from embossing folder impressions, textured wallpaper, and some stamps. I also used some sheets made from embossing cardstock with a hand-cranked embosser. In a previous post I talked about making the texture plates by embossing heavy cardstock or this weird text-transfer film I had in my stash, then backing that with sticky-backed fun foam. They are still holding up and work great!

Once I got done with that, this is what I had! Sorry it is a little dark.

Here are some close-ups of each colour:

Oops. Missed out the purple. The next step is disassembly then re-combination. Lots of fun and this time, I have so many sheets to play with, I can experiment with recombining them in different ways. Once that is done there will be another surface embellishment layer and then, finally, I would hope for at LEAST six full sheets of yummy goodness. IS that a masterboard? Seen them on WOYWW desks, love them a lot, but not sure if this qualifies. I might ask on Wednesday if I finish by then!

Watch this space! If they turn out fabulous I might scan and share them – if there is interest. Do drop me a comment and let me know.

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Deli paper background for my art journal

I was having a bit of a play with deli paper. I started with a bunch of paint and a brayer and some stencils and some stamps and I created a bunch of sheets in a variety of colours. Basically just went with where the mood took me.

Just perched on the side of my desk there they are hard to see, so I’ll share them individually as well. For the paint I tried to limit myself to two or at most three colours for each sheet and one stencil, repeated in different areas.  One or two stamps, and some lid-rims for the thin circles.

I like them all, to varying degrees, but especially those with the little flashes of gold or copper (hard to see in the photos, as usual.)

I did consider just attaching them to the page, but  I ended up ripping them up and sticking the ripped pieces on the page to make a super busy, colourful background.

I can see the photo I have is of the bits laid, not stuck, on the page.  Oh well.  I can’t show the final completed page anyway, as I have to wait a few days.  I have a plan for it but it could go one of two ways and I have to wait till I “know” before I finish it- in so much as I am ABLE to KNOW, if you know what I mean.  Tomorrow is going to be much stencil cutting and testing, just a few ideas to see how they might look.  Maybe by the weekend I will be able to move forward with it – in joy or with sorrow, only time will tell.