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Nothing to see here….

All a bit unsettled around here at the moment. My myositis is now not in a good place, after about 7 months of feeling pretty decent after my last round of IVIG. Not unexpected, it is never going to “cure” me, it’s only a treatment to keep things at bay. But over the last month my CK levels jumped almost 400 points and I am feeling weaker and weaker. Bah!

Both my parents and my brother contracted Covid. My dad tested positive after going in to the hospital after a fall. My mother is at home, treating the symptoms (sore throat, congestion and tiredness mostly) and hopefully they will both be doing better each day.

They are all doing ok at the moment, and my brother seems to have gotten over it in about 3 days. Luckily it seems to be omicron not delta so that’s good news

I have had my old Mac mini updated to a quite modern OS, but not the newest, so I can still run some programs. The one thing that totally broke was Sure Cuts A Lot with my ancient (1st Gen) Cricut. The Hubster sorted that by adding a way for me to switch my right monitor input and by running the OLD Mac Mini on the right monitor.

Hard to see what’s happening, I’m sure, but the wallpaper on the monitors is the clue! The bigger issue is the 2nd mouse and especially the keyboard, which is Japanese.

It’s a little confusing as stuff isn’t where you expect it to be, or missing (like no right hand SHIFT key) but it works and the Cricut cuts. Sadly, I needed to change the blade so my test cut didn’t cut all the way thru. No sample, but it does work.

I am not doing a ton of cutting to be fair, so buying an expensive new machine (and probably a HUGE one) makes no sense. Perhaps things might change over the next year, but they might not.

So yeah, not a fabulous post for the first one of 2022 but hey ho. Hope your New Year’s celebrations were good and 2022 becomes the year we finally turn a corner with Covid.

We can only hope…


Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the happiest of New Year’s and a safe and healthy 2022!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I will be adding a number of 2022-2023 One Sheet calendars over the next week. That lets me spend precious time with my family. I hope your Christmas is a happy, healthy, and festive one!

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Outside lights

Not the greatest photos, The Hubster snapped them in a rush to share with his parents and mine, as well as dear son, way far away in San Francisco. We didn’t do any staging, so here it is, warts and all!

For those who don’t know, this used to be two houses, now combined into one, hence the weird two-different-doors situation.

He snapped a couple of “artistic angles” that may or may not be totally in focus LOL!

And just for fun, a shot of the BBQ hut, when The Hubster was cooking brisket at 4:30am last week.

Quite festive, am I right?

From here on it is mostly calendars to finish out the year. Have a lovely holiday season, no matter how you celebrate – or not!


WOYWW 655 – It’s almost Christmas!

A happy, festive, but safe and Covid-free Christmas to all my WOYWW desk-hopping mates!

It’s all about the holiday decor this week, not a desk in sight. We got a new tree! It’s one of the pre-lit three-part snap-together no-fluffing required ones and I swear within 10 minutes of opening the box, the tree was up and it! It finally ended the age-old argument between me and my darling daughter about White Lights only (me) or Coloured Lights (her.)

Here is a short video about how one like ours works. Watch it on 1.5x speed (or faster) just to see the ease of set up. We got ours at Costco and I would highly recommend it.

The rest of the house is quite festive, but none so much as the front room!

The Bakery statue of the two pigs you might recall – it was a Christmas gift from last year!

And a quick shot of some of my favourite ornaments:

Two were gifts from the same friend. And one well-loved by darling daughter:

I have some outside shots but you might have to pop back tomorrow to see them – stragglers (of which I am one most weeks lately!) will get to see both.

No If you HAD to… this week. Life this year is full of enough hard choices!

Have a great week and a lovely Christmas.


Ornament cards and a Envelope punch board trick!

So on Friday I added a PDF that has both little folded cards and circle tags to punch. In the past I have made ornament cards for my darling daughter, for her to give to friends at school. Lately she is more interested in picking cards to give out herself, so I have been a bit out of the habit of doing them. But while I was sorting out the top menu of Christmas goodies I was looking back on previous ones and I thought I would make a set to use in case of drop-in guests. Nice to have a stack of signed, in envelope cards that you can just grab if you are caught unawares! Two seconds to scrawl a name (top tip – have a pen stashed with the cards!) and hand it over. All you do is print then cut and fold the cards:

then punch out the circles. I find a medium scalloped square fits the cards perfectly, but you can also use a slightly larger circle or a plain square. Punch the hanger-hole and ink the edges…

then stick the round motif on it with some fun foam or foam squares (or not!) to pop it up, and add a hanger and slip it into the card:

The tricky part is the envelope, right? Well I have one of those envelope punch boards and I thought Perfect! but, then, Nope. The cards are 2.5 inches and is there a square instruction for the board? There is not, or at least not for the one I have. I think there is a different punch board for gift cards, the Mini, but I don’t have that. So I tried to be a bit logical and came up with the solution! I need to experiment a bit more, but I think it works for all squares.

Take your card measurement (in my case 2.5 inches square) and double it then cut you beginning piece to that size.

Align the left edge to the size of your card (in this case, 2.5 inches) and make your punch then score (as per the usual instructions)

Rotate, punch and score as normal and you will have an envelope that perfectly fits your card! It measures just shy of 3 inches square.

To be honest the 3×3 one would have been fine but I like the idea that I can cut the paper and punch without trying to read the stupid writing on the board. I find it very hard to read. What’s wrong with black text on cream so it’s easy? Old eyes struggle, or at least mine do. So for square cards, at least, I can just wing it with a formula.


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Circle Tags – cause people love them….

That big December holiday is creeping ever closer. I have been if a frenzy of wrapping around here, so tags are a must have! I thought I would share some of the packages using those non-traditional colours that I shared with you.

There is a little hint of something else I have been fiddling with but that won’t come till Monday. Such a tease…

Anyway, people always ask for whatever I don’t choose. And this time I got asked for the tags to fit punches. This PDF has both the little folded cards you see there

as well as a sheet of the circle tags that fit a 2 inch punch.

And because I know someone will ask, here is a set of circles based on the more traditional colours:

Hope they bring some colourful cheer to your wrapping! We are finally taking delivery of our new tree today so luckily I have my Calendar post for tomorrow already scheduled as I will be knee deep in boxes of tinsel (ugh! but darling daughter loves it) and baubles all weekend!


Cards from tags

I really liked the tags I shared this year, and wanted a large number of easy cards, using minimal supplies. I thought they could be just the thing and they were!

From a single sheet of 12×12 paper (cut to give me four 4.5×3.75 rectangles, four 4.5×4.5 squares and one 3 x 2.75 rectangle) and a single print of the tags PDF I made nine cards. I added a handful of bits from my Christmas bin but nothing special.

The tags were cute enough to provide a nice focal point, and I thought they looked good even just plunked on top of a square of paper like so:

but just adding some little extras like fun foam to pop bits up from the surface, little bits of ribbon or small punched elements, and a bit of red ink to add some depth, they became a bit more like finished cards and didn’t really take that much time at all:

I didn’t have as many of the square card bases as I thought, but I found these two kraft ones that worked great:

I am not sure how many more I need, but if I do, it’s good to know that I can whip a bundle up in a flash.



WOYWW 653 – still with the cards

Happy WOYWW all! Nearly the end of another year. Jeez. Where does the time go?

I am still deep into the cards, with only a few left to make to complete the list (plus a few extras) – I wish there was a WOYWW address list that we could request. I know I had some addresses when we lived back in Basingstoke, but once we moved to Dorset, they seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Maybe we can organize that for next year….

My desk was once again in a proper state (as of Tuesday early in the AM)

and the bad light doesn’t really do it any favours. You can see the tags I shared on Monday and I had a plan for them beyond, well, tags. Hours elapsed and a quick tidy (who am I kidding? also HOURS or tidying) and:

A tidy pile of cards (and the rest are already down on the table with a bunch of stuff that needs to be mailed or hand delivered) and another duplicate! Not my fault this time either – these seemed to be in a scrapbooking kit of some kind and the same template was in both of two different ones.

Cute enough but unopened and unused. {sigh} Maybe I’ll open one up and see what I can make, if I find the time. I’ll share the cards tomorrow.

So then just the If You HAD To… cards:

Hummmm. Tricky. I am not fast enough to run from light-sabre wielding mobsters, nor cute enough to talk my way out of the debt, so gotta pick Vin’s head as a … I’m gonna say table cause no way to eat soup or salad from a head, unless we go to a VERY dark place….

Happy Holiday-month WOYWW!


One final set of tags for 2022

I love these. I am not a huge fan of the traditional Red & Green of Christmas. I quite like the off colours, like pink & lime, or burgundy & pine, but not the tomato & kelly green that so often appears. Funny, isn’t it, that the shade and hue really matter so much? I always said I hate green, but certain limes and celery’s really appeal to me.

So this set took a LOT of editing to get it to where I was happy about it. The original resource was, I think, a printable Advent calendar, but there were a lot of black backgeounds so some of the motifs needed tweaking to show up. I think they are super cute, and will probably use them for at least some of our gifts. Hopefully you will find them useful as well. I think they will look fab with plain kraft paper wrapping and pale blue and mustard ribbons!

Grab the sheet to print here!