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Magazine image transfer with WHAT? And yes, it works.

So yeah. I was playing around with something I did back in 2018, which was transferring images that I had stamped with archival ink onto glossy magazine pages. You can see that post here. It didn’t always work but depending on what you stamped on, it did offer some interesting effects. Or at least I thought it did. But because it was so hit or miss, I really didn’t do much more with it. Kinda th same with image transfer on a gel plate, or at least for me. At some point I saw something about using ink to transfer images and I decided to have a go with that. Blimey. It works a treat.

Weirdly I almost get a better transfer from the Waitrose grocery store freebie than Vogue, but yeah, you really do need to pick a very high contrast image, just like with the paint. Well. The success with that made me want to give the old stamp-with-archival a go and see if the transfers worked better. And yes, they do work pretty well!

So the reason to do this vs. just stamping the image would be what you fill the image with , by stamping over something on the magazine paper. Had I pulled that print ontoplain white paper, I think you would have seen the mag text within the image but as a transfer. But I ended up pulling it on an already painted page in my Journal Petite so it kinda disappeared into that. Oh well. I am 100% not done playing with this, but I have a knitting thing to share first and tomorrow is a day packed full of appointments and meetings, and phone calls so not for a few days I’m sure. Anyway, here is the page – I like it, and yes, truncating SPILL to PILL was very much intentional…

I really love the misty and indistinct nature of the transfer but do wish the text was seen more.


Relief Roll-over technique

I have been watching a bunch of videos about collagraph techniques, and making texture relief boards. I had an idea to stick a stack of die-cut shapes (in this case, botanicals) onto cardboard and use them as either kinda stamps or as a relief print. I thought deli paper might work nicely as it is quite thin but very strong and I have a lot of it.

I rolled the paint over the deli paper and got some interesting grungy images. They should collage nicely onto art journal pages.

It’ll seem rather counterintuitive, but the bottom is where the brayer was most heavily coated in paint (Dina Eggplant – such a pretty colour!) and the clearer (ie less background coverage) images at the top left wre when the paint on the brayer was pretty light. I think that is a better image.

And it made me think that other things would work too. In the case of this stamp, the roll-over give you the image in the same orientation as you see on the stamp. Sometimes this is what I want, and in the past I have stamped on the deli paper then flipped it over to stick the stamped side down on the page.

Problem with that is the image is fainter cause it’s the back. And the paint gives it a really, well, painterly effect, different to ink. So yeah, over all, I really like it and it fit perfectly on my inserted round page in my Journal Petite!

And all I needed was a few words to complete it. The irony of the quote origin (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is not lost on me, but at least in the past his stance has been pro-choice and at least partially interested in limiting guns so I guess I’m OK with using it. It works.

Seems like this is morphing into a work-thru-the pain journal LOL! I may not live in the USA but I have plenty of female relatives there who potentially might be affected by the craziness. So yeah, working thru it….

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A few more pages in my Journal Petite

I have been having fun playing with the alcohol inks and paint on the gel plate and tried it with a word stencil. I didn’t really capture the step by steps, but the only thing worth noting was that the stencil was backwards on the plate, so when I pulled the print, the words were the right way round.

I used an older Dina stamp and with all the crap going on the song lyrics seemed appropriate. I recently watched a movie about Helen Reddy, and a bit of the history of this song and it took me right back to the pre-Roe days. It feels like it is time to revisit those lyrics even as we revisit that dark, dark time:

You can bend but never break me
‘Cause it only serves to make me
More determined to achieve my final goal
And I come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul

Now it might seem confusing as this page is made on a loose sheet of paper, but remember, one of the JP lessons was tip-ins or add ins to your bound journal. All it takes is a bit of washi tape (or other adhesive) to slip the folded sheet into the journal like so:


While tidying up my desk, I found a random strip of test I had clipped from a magazine at some point. I have no idea what magazine, or what the intention was, but serendipity is a wonderful thing. It perfectly summed up the feeling for my RAGE page:

This whole post has inspired me to do a little project that has been rumbling about in my brain for a bit. I have to see if I can find a couple of things that are critical to it’s success and then we’ll see…

WOYWW tomorrow. Let’s see if I can manage to get round ON THE DAY for a change. I always have the very best of intentions but…


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Stamp carving

One of the lessons in Journal Petite is lesson 15 Stamped Surfaces. Some of that is stamping with random things and some of it is about making stamps. Lord knows I have made a lot of stamps, but while having a bit of a tidy up in from of the windows to make the circle curtain less blocked by piles of things, I unearthed my carving tools. And I had a pack or two of little erasers to play with as well!

Now, these were not great erasers. The resulting stamps were also not great.

Compared to one I carved a long time ago fro a Speedball block – a world of difference!

I do quite like the little scallop and the way it stacks. I just need a better eraser I think. And maybe a bigger one?

Other parts of the lesson are about making stamps out of things like fun foam (tick) and pencil erasers (tick) and cardboard. Hummmm. Never really done that. So I think I will have a bit of a play with that over the weekend and see if I make anything I like.

I have also worked a bit more on my page of RAGE.

So yeah, just a few lines, but every time I go back to it and add another thing, I am consumed with rage all over again. Ironic it is “Independence Day” when it feels nothing like that.


Should be a new Art Journal Journey prompt so maybe I can find something positive to work on. Or not…

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Journal progress

I am realizing that I am at the point where I am adding additional layers to pages and sorting out how to share them is proving difficult. I’m just not sure how interesting the tiny incremental stages of each page might be. So like the Scribble page from the other day. It began like so:

And then after watching a few more lessons it morphed a bit into:

And finally, getting out a little anger and frustration, it became:

I kinda feel like I want to add the lesson 19 (One [BIG] Word) but there are still NINE lessons unwatched and every time I work on a page I worry that there is something in one of those lessons that would suit the pages better! Is that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out?) Not sure. But looking at the last ones there might be some real gems in there. And that still leaves me THREE lessons to do with finishing up – all in the Putting it all Together category plus a Cover one that I think I saw in the prepping section which will need revisiting!

Yeesh. Maybe it is best to group the techniques? I did this one-side page with scribbles/circles too, so where does that fall? With Scribbles? With Circles? Argh!

Why am I letting this stress me out so much? I think partially because I seem to be nearing my 3gb of free storage on my blog. I should maybe get rid of some old stuff but I really hate to lose the history, IYKWIM. I do regret loading massive images in the beginning – I mean some photos did not need to be over 1mb, did they?

Oh well. Maybe I’ll start the process and see how much space I can claw back…

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Adding inserts for my Journal Petite

Clearly I have circles on the brain LOL! Since I had the dies out, I cut some BIG circles to use as inserts to my Journal Petite. I had one that was a pretty perfect size

And yay! Using washi tape, to reduce my old stash. There are so many interesting new ones out but I can’t really buy more till I use up some of what I have!!

I used both a full circle folded in half to make an insert AND a slightly smaller circle cut off the center to make a single flip page. I opted to insert these in places where I had collage on one side and something different on the other, or at least where the two side-by-side pages were not … cohesive.

And now, with all the pages prepped, I can begin to work thru some of the other layering classes.

Should I begin with one of the CIRCLES ones? DOH!

Cannot believe it is WOYWW again tomorrow. Where does the time go!


I have no voice and I must scream.

With apologies to Harlan Ellison.

An out of the usual Sunday post, but still Art Journaling, as I process things.

Today, the Court discards … balance. It says that from the very moment of fertilization, a woman has no rights to speak of. A State can force her to bring a pregnancy to term, even at the steepest personal and familial costs. (from the dissent by the only three sane members of the court.)

…because no one told the conservative right and Scrotus that The Handmaid’s Tale was never meant to be aspirational.

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Two interesting (unknown to me) Art Journal techniques

Lesson 4 is Large Free Writing. I had no idea what that would be. I was surprised that I LOVE it. The idea is you basically write, with a paintbrush, a pen, a thick or thin marker, all over the page, with very large handwriting,and layer over and over till the whole page is full. Wow. It actually looks great (well to my eyes) either just as layers or layered over a plain painted background. And different sorts of pens or brushes give a totally different look!

The left is one where I layered a bunch of highlighters and a few pens on a plain page. The right is thick paint and chalk markers over an already painted page!

And I had to keep adding layers…

My problem was that words simply were not coming to me. But I had some book pages I had torn out for the collage lesson so I just kinda plucked words and phrases and sentences out from that and wrote them!

I think this is perhaps best as a second layer, at least. I like the writing over the painted background, but maybe slightly less so AS a background?

The second technique today is Lesson 6 Scribbles! That and the large writing seem slightly linked so I’ll save Lesson 5 for next week.More on that in a bit.

The scribbles is pretty much what it says, scribbling. It can be like the large writing, so it is layered over and over to create complexity.

That is stages of the same page. I think this sort of thing maybe takes practice to get it just right, but it is unique for sure!

Lesson 5 is Bindings, Flaps and Tabs – I’d like to think on that and try to come up with something unique. If I delay posting about it till Monday, it gives me the whole weekend to try to come up with something. I have an idea or two but will it be unique? Time will tell…

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Oh that thin, thin paper again!

I was warned, yes, of course, and I really TRIED to take not and use very little water but…

It isn’t just that the paper is so thin it buckles, but even the lightest touch seems to make the paper pill and almost dissolve.

Don’t get me wrong, I do really like the last one, for example, all misty and sea-foam-y, but it’s challenging to get full sheer cover without having to use too much water. I did have an idea, to use watercolour for mark-making, to kinda combine two lessons in one. I liked that pretty well, a totally different feel t the mark-making with acrylic.

Now, to be fair I didn’t layer the marks in quite the same way but with acrylic, you can start dark and layer light over it and it’s fine. With watercolour, you really need to move from light to dark and try not to obliterate the light by the end! Or leave enough of the white background that you can add a layer of light later and still have it show. Here is another more layered page that I really like:

I am getting to the point I will have filled every page with an initial layer. Not sure how I should have proceeded thru the lessons, maybe watched them all and grouped them in a way I found helpful, rather than just going in order. Whatever. The next post I’ll combine two lessons, neither I’ve ever seen before but I really like both. I may watch a few over the weekend, although I think I did book in to a couple of taster weekends/weeks so not sure hoe to best allocate my time…hope you will bear with me while is figure it out.



Happy Wednesday to all! My desk is again a bit all over the place. I am working thru the Journal Petite class still and enjoying the process. I am also working on a second deli-paper curtain for the other of my three-window bay. One desk has had the black die cut circles from last week moved to it and the process begun of filling the circles with deli paper gel prints.

The other (main) desk is chaotic.

But what is all that? Well the B&W images are from the insides of tattoo care boxes, a gift from my knitting mate. The colourful pile is all the small scraps from the deli paper on the first desk, the stuff that is too small to fill a circle.

They made a lovely two-page spread in the journal and I once again opted for glue stick, which worked a treat.

Truly, this paper I made ages ago is the gift that keeps on giving! I have used it in so many ways, it feels like I will never run out LOL!

Tomorrow, watercolour – which is kinda back to the Prep this Journal lesson, although I only did the acrylic part initially. I may fill in a few pages and see how I like it.

Happy WOYWW, you lot. Hoping to see some of you at the crop!