2021 Calendars (and beyond)

This post will tell you how to alter my calendars for size – in particular, converting the One-sheets for planners so you can use them in an A4/USletter, a half-letter/A5, or as a US legal/A3 wall calendar. This is useful for ANY PDF printable so learn the process for your printer and you can open up the usefulness of many downloadable files!

The always requested Oretty Circle CD Calendar for 2022 was put up a while ago. You can see the post with the download here

This post has the 2021 & 2022 DIY calendar. It looks like this (only showing the 2021 shot, both years are the same!)

And here is that obligatory sample shot…again:

Here is the doily calendar as one-sheets for 2021 and 2022, with blank sheets to use as you like:

Project Life style 3×4 cards

Possibly my most requested calendar, the Doily Calendar.  Find it here for 2020-2022

You can find a Spanish language version of 2021 here.

Pretty Circle CD calendar for 2021 – two versions

Here is a 2021 calendar with journaling spots:

This post has the two versions of the leafy circle/wreath calendars for 2021. And there is also a project by one of my followers in the post to inspire you!

Chevron 3×4 calendar

One Sheets

New: 2021 and 2022 one-sheets

2021 Gradient One Sheet can be found in the post here.

Three other one-sheets, all 2020 thru 2022

I have a set of One-sheets that included 2019-2022.  I’ve removed the 2019 page, although the sample image is for that year. Grab it here.  This is a direct download, not a link to a previous post!

And I’ve been waiting a long time, but finally, it’s here!

The 2017 calendar is reusable in: 2023

So I can just change the year! 2018 will take till 2029 before it is reusable. Good thing I keep most of the old working files…..