2019 Calendars

For the forward thinking of you, a set of the doily calendars for 2018 thru 2022!


Circle CD calendars

Pretty Circles

3×4 Project Life style calendar cards

Sunday start and Monday start versions


2019 Plain PL style cards (for decorating)

Also WIDE TOP and NO Box versions for those who want to cut them into different sizes for decorating, like I showed in this old post:


2019 Doily calendar

2019 upright Doily

Other Languages

French Monday to Sunday

Spanish Monday to Sunday and Sunday to Saturday

English version, Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday coming soon!


2019 Doily

Leafy Circles




Keep in mind, all planner one-sheets can be printed on whatever size paper you selec in your print options!

Cherry Blossoms

The 2019 one is page 2 of the PDF


Two versions here