2016 Printable Calendars

For calendar projects, just click on the Calendar Making menu item. 

Here is a round-up of my 2016 printable calendars. The Pretty CD calendar will be added here as soon as I finish it. And here is the Sunday to Saturday version

and here is the Monday to Sunday version


CD calendars

This  ornate calendar is available as a Project Life 3 x 4 card set AND as a standard CD calendar size. There is a 1/2 size version in that link too.


Just added this BLANK version of the above, as a decorate it yourself one.


It is worth noting, this post has info on how to make any 3 x 4 Project Life calendar card into a CD calendar.


Project Life 3 x 4 inch calendar cards:

The same ornate calendars are found here as a Project Life 3 x 4 card set.

These are a sideways version, using different doilies, found here:


At the bottom of this post is a set of funky PL cards. Just skip all the way to the end.


Here is a set of decorate them yourself PL cards.


You can see a few that I decorated here:


and this set was done by one of my followers, using Washi tape strips.  So cute! Click the image to see a stamped version as well.



Key Chain Calendars:

The post that shows how I make key ring calendars using plastic negatives sleeves is here.


This ornate calendar prints at a little over 1 1/2 inches wide by about 2 inches tall.  There are two downloads.  The first is a single sheet, two full sets of the 12 months of 2016.


The second is an extra sheet, with two full sets of 2015 Aug to Dec and two full sets of 2017 Jan to May.  Grab both and get two full 22 month calendars.

This same ornate calendar is available as a  AND as a standard CD calendar size. There is a 1/2 size version in that link too.

This one is a tiny calendar with a blank top for stamping, that fits in a snap-together key chain fob. It prints our at just about 1 inch wide by 2 inches tall. Grab it here.


Here is a quick shot – the tiny blank one can be trimmed slightly smaller if need be.


There is another set, not quite key chain size, but certainly appropriate for tear-offs, here. At the bottom of the post.


Decorate them yourself, wall calendars: I’ll add the Decorate it Yourself calendar post here as well. The same post has info on creating your own, in a variety of sizes, using the iPhoto calendar printing function. Here is one sample:



Foreign Language Calendars

Spanish – the blank one can be found here, in both Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday versions.

There are two additional Spanish calendars, also in both Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday versions, here.






21 thoughts on “2016 Printable Calendars

  1. Thanks for calendars 🙂

  2. Thanks for calendars 🙂

  3. I LOVE your circular CD calendars. Would like BW!


    • Not really of universal appeal 🙂 Why don;t you find an image of the bands then print them. You can then print the tear off calendars and stick them on, a bit like I did with this one:

      You can do one for each band!

  5. thank you so much for your fabulous CD calendar files and projects – I have made two so far and am now hunting for more cd cases! (Now following your blog too xx)

  6. I would like to use your plain pl calendar cards as I am making monthly calendars for three people and I need three January calendars for January and three February calendars for February and etc. I wonder if there is a way to separate the months so I can print only one month at a time or three of the same months at a time. Sorry for the trouble but your calendars are great and I would like to use them instead of stick ons.

    • You would need to cut and paste the months using some sort of program like Photoshop Elements. I’ve explained that in the past. Or you might have another program that would work.

      But why not just print the full set three times? Maybe I am not understanding what you need, but that would seem to work. Then just keep the other months someplace safe till you need them (if you are creating them each month, rather than a whole set at once!)

      sorry I’m confused 🙂


  7. I love the look of the Spanish calendar – is this available in an English version?

  8. is there an easy way for me to resize the calendars to 3.5 x 5 i use the clear plastic frames for these …thanks for sharing…i love your site…


    • I answered the other one 🙂 Not really. The proportions are different so they will all look stretched one way. With text that just looks rubbish. With any that are 5 to a page, there is not much option. The 4 to a page ones, some you MIGHT be able to cut as 3.5 x 5 without changing them, although the white border will not be the same all around. The easiest thing would be to print and cut them all out, then mount the cut outs onto 3.5 x 5 inch pieces of cardstock, to fit your sleeves.



  9. I found the calendars – ooops – I should look at links first I guess!

  10. Hi at the top of your calendar making page is the nice round one with the month in writing going all the way round. You were kind enough for the last two years to have them as printable and wondered if you were doing the same one again this year please.

  11. I love all of your calendars that you have created. I’m waiting on the CD calendar. When do you think it will be done???

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