2015 Printable calendars

I have made SO MANY 2015 calendars that it made sense to put them on one page.  Do look back to the general calendar page for projects that you can use these to create.

There is a 2016 one here if you want to make a two year one as a gift.

All the Doilies:

This has the Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday versions.

2015 version

2015 version

I also made German, French and Spanish versions (French and Spanish on the same page)


Other Project Life Calendar cards:

THIS post talks about you you can use any project Life calendar card set to make a CD calendar


These posts talk about an origami Photo cube with a calendar added, and improved version, and converting PL sized cards to smaller ones to create a colourful tear-off calendar





Chevron Spots




CD case calendars:

An old one, Updated

Circles, with quotes (Sun to Sat or Mon to Sun versions)

Pretty Circles

4 thoughts on “2015 Printable calendars

  1. Which exact one are you talking about?

  2. I love your calendars, I am looking to see if you are going to do a 2021 version of the 2015 calendar.

  3. Thank you!!! I am making calendars for Xmas and have been searching and I mean SERVING for calendars. It is probably the most simple answer in the world, but what software/website do you use to create the calendars? You are great! This was beyond helpful and gorgeous. Something I would def make myself. Great minds….

    • I use an odd little program called Intaglio, but Photoshop works too. There is also a pst for using the calendar creator in IPhoto to produce a set of blank calendar sheets. To all the pars are there, but look in the calendar making menu at the top and you can find soe of my musings on the whole process. Glad you liked them.


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