Calendar Making

Some of the posts linked here contain the printable downloads, but some are more about how I make my calendars.

2014 Calendar posts

And one more 2014 Calendar – sized for PL and easy to stick onto a CD-sized sheet to create that kind of calendar if you prefer.



And this one too:


Another funky circle version for 2014 (and yes, the double-Ys have been corrected)


and a more pretty version with ideas for making something bigger than  the CD size one from a print:


There are two more 2014 calendar PDFs within posts about making calendars using the Gelli plate.  The PDFs are CD calendar style, one round, with a sweet, fine font, and one funky and bold.  Look past the Gelli print part to see that they look like! I’ll take a better photo of the delicate one, rather than the one showing Post-It note masking….



My first 2014 calendar.  The post is here.


2013 calendar posts

I made another small tear-off version with a pretty font.  You can download it here.



I did a couple of Spanish language calendars for one of my followers. The small tear off version is here and the CD case version is here.



This post has a bookmark calendar to download and print.  I adapted it from one of my Project Life Printables.



This post is one that shows you how to use iPhoto to create a calendar that you can save as a PDF and print, rather than ordering online. It’s specifically for Mac users who have iPhoto and iCal, but this post has downloads you can grab of a couple of the ones I think the most useful.



This post adds a set of quarterly sheets for a CD calendar – great for gifts as you need only decorate 4 sheets! In black and brown.

This post has some very small calendars that can be used to make magnetic bookmarks.  And this post expands it a bit.

This post contains the basic info on my collapsible calendar desk stand card.  There are a few versions. It also includes a link to the circle tear-off printables.

This post expands the idea into one that includes a detatchable front and begins with basic card blanks of most any size (except very slim cards.)

The post here talks about my 2013 CD calendar and how to make it. The links for the PDFs of the circular calendars and there too!  Here is the basic version with the frame plain:

And here is a more decorated version.  The Grunge version is not quite   done yet but I’ll update when it is:

This is a version one of my followers created and sent to me – isn’t it fabulous?

Cream on Cream Calendar

The core 2013 calendar post is here! This will give you an idea of the style of the calendar for the cutable calendar.

2012 calendar posts

I usually make a calendar each year.  This year I discovered a few interesting things about calendars, and a few interesting tricks for Photoshop/PSE.  It seemed a good plan to collect them all in one place.

This post talks about the date strips, and the method for creating a MASTER  that you can use year after year to create a new calendar.  Also talks about the 2012 month layout and how you can save time by simple editing to create a whole new month. And this post has the two PDFs for the calendar shown.  This post has the info on changing multiple layers of text in one step, which makes using the master file and changing your calendar year on year an absolute breeze.

This post shows making a small glued edge “tear off” block and talks about the sizing issues in the PDFs.

This post has two different PDFs, two font choices, shown above, solving the problem in the two-sheet version.  Three pages, 4 months to a page, print and cut.

This post shows my “faux Letterpress” calendar.  I just love the technique. And this post has the PDFs you can download for easy cutting if you want to make one like this.

Unrelated to printable calendars, but still fun, this post shows my altered version of the perpetual calendar on the Canon site.  This is a link to my You Tube video/slideshow on how I made it.

This post shows my 2010 calendar, using foam core to create a stand and flipable pages made from office supply divider cards.  This link is for the YouTube slideshow.

17 thoughts on “Calendar Making

  1. I know this is early. I am starting to work on my calendars for 2022. I would love the circle one especially. Also, any of the other diy cards one that I can make a background for. Like cheveron. I hope you know that I appreciate how much you do these. You make them so cute. I wish I could make them, but am lost in how to start. Again, could I get you to please make me the cd circle foe 2022. My friends really enjoy them. Thanks so much!!!

    • I will get around to it but not immediately. I may make both 2022 and 2023 at the same time so it’ll take be some time. There are some 2022 cards up, just plug 2022 into the search bar and all the posts will come up – I know I did the Doily one in the Project Life card style!

  2. Hello will yu be making the calendar 2020 round I adore them ihank

    • Hi there. Finally back from holiday and ready to get moving on some older posts. Whenever someone asks for a calendar, I do try to make it, but it is essential that you send me a link to the EXACT calendar you want (or include it in your comment) as I have dome dozens of “round” calendars and don’t want to wast time making the wrong one! Come back to me with a link and I will try to fit it in!

  3. I am loving your calendars! Do you have any 2017 in the making?

    • Tons! 🙂

      Click Calendar in the sidebar categories or type 2017 in the search bar and you will see lots. I’ll probably update the top menu this week to add them in.

  4. Where can I buy the 2×2 small sticky calendar for 2017? I’d like to have a class where my ladies can make a calendar

  5. I have enjoyed using your calendars for the last couple of years. I add Stampin’ Up! stamp sets appropriate to each month and it has been a great Christmas present series for my customers who come and stamp the printed off version. Thank you so much for sharing your talented gifts with us.

  6. is there an easy way for me to resize the calendars to 3.5×5 without taking each one and copying, cutting out, resizing in photoshop 12x’s…then adding 4 to the page to print and cut…just curious…

    thanks a bunch…love everything you do…thanks for sharing!


    • Not really, It’s not even the same ratio height to width so any changing will skew it. I would maybe suggest cutting them to size, but leaving the image the same, if that makes sense. Otherwise, you are going to skew them and they will look stretched.

      You might still have to copy and paste them all onto a new file so there is room to cut a 3.5 x 5 block. It would help to know which one you were looking to alter….

      and just to add: The easiest thing would be to print and cut them all out, then mount the cut outs onto 3.5 x 5 inch pieces of cardstock, to fit your sleeves.

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  8. Awesome ideas….I am so sad because my printers are not working at this time….I love your blog!

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  10. Inspiring MatyAnne – thank you!

  11. thanks so much for sharing both your calendars and your tutorials/instructions for them!

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