WOYWW 721 – Life just got chaotic…


Happy WOYWW! Well, then. I don’t think I have missed a WOYWW post for years, but the last couple of months have been… a lot. Nothing scary, nothing to worry about, just busy in a way that I didn’t expect. Lots of appointments, lots of commitments, lots of stuff needing addressing. What can I say? I just decided rather than risk another week of not getting to my visits, I would just take a week off, and hopefully be back once I cleared the decks a bit.

Once Dear Son + Cat re-located to their new home, and the last few windows were replaced, there was a day of cleaning and then many days of reorganizing and rearranging. But as usual, to get to where I need to be, I had to work thru the chaos. Yeah.

And that is just the craft room. My sewing room, which was where DS took as an “office”, was also in a state, and all the stuff that we moved out of the guest room wardrobes to make room for all the stuff that came with him, all needed to go back where it should be. Finally, after a good ten years, most of the drum set is now with him (to sell, not to play LOL!) and that freeing up of a good chunk of space made a massive difference. So after many, many hours of hard work, my office is now much better.

On my desk is a pack of rice paper, which is weirdly both strong and yet tear-able. It is cheap “practice” rice paper sheets but I am going to give it a go and see. Also, some pretty napkins I got from Ikea. Not really done a lot of napkin decoupage but I like the big, blowsy flowers so I might have a play. The other desk is new. I had a massive table, once we once used as a dining table, in my sewing room. I was tired on not having enough actual desk space so I swapped the smaller desk that sat in my window for this larger one. It is the only desk big enough to fit my biggest cutting mat of 23 x 35 inches. On that is one of my last jobs, sorting out a big pile of stencils.

I have tried about 100 different stencil organization methods and none of them work for me. Not binders, not a hanging rail, not folders… I just do NOT know what the solution is.

So there we are. Now at least I feel like I am in a good place to make ATCs for the anniversary.

On the Cat front, we are hoping to have been to a local rescue to meet a few available kitties and have been offered kittens from a litter in 2months time. Not sure Darling Daughter will be able to wait that long, nor me either, so watch this space!

I hope I will be forgiven for missing both a week of visits AND a week posting. Shocking. But I will do my best to keep on top of things.

Happy WOYWW again and I will see you round yours to catch up on last week as well.

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 721 – Life just got chaotic…

  1. Hi Mary Anne, it doesn’t matter if you need time off you’re always welcome on your return which is the great thing about this friendly gang. Everything’s looking good and well organised so you must be very pleased with yourself. I understand your peoblem with the stencils. I just keep mine in a Really Useful box. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x11x


  2. Nothing to forgive, life happens to all of us! It must feel so good to have those spaces all tidy and ready to go! I have never worked with rice paper before, I will look forward to the results of experimentation! Have a wonderful week! Lindart #16


  3. Of course you’re forgiven❤️🙂. Thank you for the link, my husband wants to email them to his mother so it could be a regular thing. Your craft room looks lovely and tidy. I imagine getting rid of a drum kit made an enormous space. We all love new space. Looking forward to seeing your kitten when he/she arrives. Happy WOYWW. Angela #15


  4. Glad your sorting out has been profitable, Mary Anne.
    I’m sure the right cat will come along soon for you.
    Thanks for signing up for news on publication of my novel! It’s kind of you.
    I’ve answered your question in more detail on cannula sleeves in an email. If you join the Handmade for Dementia group on Facebook you can access the pattern, which was designed by a dementia nurse to cover hospital drip needles (cannulas) and to avoid all choking hazards.
    Enjoy your ATC making.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 9


  5. I have been wondering about you I knew something was up but sometimes we just need time away especially when there anre other demands on our time and energy. Re-organizing, and getting things in order can be very therapeutic so after this is over I hope it inspires some creative time to feed your soul again. Lol, thanks for stopping in and letting us know you, take care of yourself Mary Anne.


  6. Yay, you’re going to be a cat Mom!! I’m really pleased for you and DD, lots of snuggles in store xx. Isn’t it a great feeling when you can offload your children’s ‘treasures’ back onto them?! Your sorting out of space and stash will reap dividends, can’t help with the stencil storage though, apart from being put in plastic wallets in box files. Now that rice paper and napkin decoupage has piqued my interest, please show your work with those, it’s something I’ve been tempted to have a go at!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx


  7. It’s always good to regroup. You’ll love the new re organizing and it’s fun to find things you totally forgot about. Like shopping at home. Best Wishes for all that comes your way. Happy WOYWW.


  8. Everywhere is beginning to look so tidy! Well done!
    Happy WOYWW! Susan #5


  9. How lovely to have a green mat as big as that one. I thought mine was big at 23 x 18 (or there abouts, see I forgot already and have just measured it). Love those big green mats but they are so expensive! Still, my two work fine together and fit on my worktop.
    Well, good luck with the cat search. Reminds me of when I first got my Tabitha. Set off for a white cat and came back with this little tortoiseshell one – all furry and crying. Hope you get a long time with yours as I did with her but the pain of them going is too much for me so no more cats sadly.
    Have a great week, love your various desks and views.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx


  10. Good to see you back Mary Anne and glad that the sorting / relocating od DS + cat has gone well too. Look forward to meeting the new rescues/kittens soon. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3


  11. It’s good to see you back and it looks like you’ve been busy re-organising spaces! I hope DD gets her kitten(s) soon… happy WoyWW, take care. helen #1


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