A different sort of ephemera and a collage sheet…


…plus texting our freebies via Ko-Fi.

So I have been playing around with some vintage ephemera that has more colour to it than usual. Most things are B&W, or maybe black and buff, colourful. The stash of advertising ephemera I am drawing from includes a lot of colourful items. Humm. Let me clarify. Not colourful in the sense they are coloured, like the bright and full-colour things you will often see, like this

but more like B&W items printed on coloured paper. I am not sure if people de-saturate these images to offer them as plain B&W or not, but I kinda like the idea of offering them BOTH way, in the original (1800s era) colour and maybe de-saturated as B&W. I’d be interested in people’s POV on this.

So I have created a PDF that includes both the US Letter and A4 versions of

  • the collage sheet on only the ephemera in the original colours
  • a sepia-toned version of the same
  • a collage sheet created using the coloured ephemera for the background

I am very much still finding my way with Ko-Fi . One issue is a kind of chicken and the egg situation. I can’t add the images and the download there until it publishes here. And I can’t really add a link here till it publishes there. Tricky, that. There may be teething pains LOL!

Let’s see how well this works…Grab the freebies on Ko-Fi here!

This is what you are getting:

There are so many of these that tickle my fancy! I mean, Granny’s Salve – yikes! She looks like she might smack yo one if you try to say no. The fish is fab – I may have to extract just the fish at some point. The unicorn drops! Whatever must they have been like?

I have so many more to edit and tidy up as best I can, and my plan is to offer freebies of the collage sheets, with the thought they would work well as “extra pages” in junk journals. Do you agree or am I wrong about that?

I will be really interested in the answer…

2 thoughts on “A different sort of ephemera and a collage sheet…

  1. I always so many things of interest. You are so talented.


  2. Cool I’ll have to go check them out. I do mainly b&w cause ink is expensive and I have tons of watercolor and bottles of ink from an art teacher my children had, now adults.


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