Paper beads from an AtoZ.


I watch a ton of YouTube videos, pretty much anything that the algorithm serves up, and I got served one from …what was her name? Argh. Problem is if I watch on the TV or the treadmill, if I am not in my account and signed in, I lose track. No matter how I try to remember a name, I may not. Anyway the point is this person used dictionary pages to make those rolled beads that were all the rage a minute ago. She used a bunch of stuff that I actually have, either from scrapbooking or from making the stitch markers for knitting, so I decided to have a go. There is a lot of drying time in the process so sorry if this drifts out over a few days. I wanted to use one of my many old London A to Z map books. The pages are thin, but a bit glossy, and they roll really nicely.

So mine is a mini and it is not big – about 3.3 x 6 inches. I cut a slice of a page. I saw a recognizable place name, Hackney, in the slice I cut, but it was in the middle of the sheet. The method involves rolling so it would be buried. I cut just past the name and reassembled the strip so the word I wanted was at the top.

I have like 1000 knitting needles, but they seem to have a bit of a bow in them, so instead I grabbed a couple of dotting tools that I got for rock painting (something that I liked the look of but never really pursued) and used them. They are straight and hand sized and they roll well. I also deviated in that I started a bit away from the end and kinda folded the excess over. Somehow that made the rolling easier. Different bead, you aren’t going mad – the Hackney one is also in process, cause ya got two ears right? Need two beads!

It is darn tricky, even so to get the tube to roll really straight – probably why MOST people use a kind of triangle of paper, so when it goes skew whiff it doesn’t matter much. Here is where it gets fiddly.

Part of why I chose this dotter to roll, is the large eyelets that I have a ton of fit quite nicely into the roll of paper to finish it off.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I want to say the original person used Glossy Accents to coat the bead. I don’t have any. I do have CRACKLE accents, which I can use for a step latter on, cause the crackle doesn’t matter. But to coat the beads it will – I swiped a bottle of Darling Daughter’s cheap clear nail varnish. And assembled some other bit that will work – I think.

I don’t have long pins but I have a bunch of short ones. Where I am now is with a short pin threaded thru one of the space beads (the domed ornate ones at the back) and the bead filled with Crackle accents. I need for the CA to stay inside the hole to done it, and we ll know Glossy/Crackle accents take forever to dry, so I’ve taped the pin part to the edge of the top of my desk LOL!

I can see the one is a bit wonky but, again TAKES FOREVER to dry so I was able to adjust. They are not dry and won’t be till tomorrow, but I will slip a shot in for WOYWW so you can see what it is meant to look like.

While they totally work as earrings, I also think they would be cute just on a thin gold chain and would make a sweet gift. I am sure other big cities have similar to the London A to Z so lot of options.

I will have to go on a hunt to see if I can think what the video might have been called and can find it. If I do I ill update with a link to the actual video rather than my kinda step-by-steps. You may have more of what SHE had than what I have so might find it easier to do it that way. Or just do what I did and figure it out from what you have on hand. Real jewelry makers will I’m sure have a ton of better ideas. If you do, share 🙂

2 thoughts on “Paper beads from an AtoZ.

  1. Aha! So it is rolled paper beads. Thanks for sharing this. The finished bead looks fab.
    Take care


  2. Can’t wait to see the finished results


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