Buy me a Ko-Fi? Yikes!


Well, thanks to Theresa, who commented so kindly last week to suggest I have a look at Ko-Fi as a way for people who might be so inclined to “give back” with a small donation. Frankly it is coming at a good time. I am really running out of space her and I am just not clear on how to convert my free blog (which has been going since 2009!) over to another address. I have been working to clear out old stuff that is no longer valid (hello? calendars from 2012? No thank you!) to scratch back some space, and have flirted with adding downloads to Dropbox instead on here, but it really isn’t working. I am easily able to add freebies to Ko-Fi and can also add larger things there. Let me explain.

SO. I have been playing with digital designing for a while. And I am really working to learn the ins and outs of a few new programs. Some of what I shared last week, for example, I put up on Creative Fabrica. I explained why there in a previous post. But IDK, I am kinda feeling like that is not really where I would call home. Not sure. Anyway, another thing I have been doing is creating some digital Ephemera. Think The Graphics Fairy, but less French and more American LOL! I would love to find a ton of British ephemera, but American is what I have access to at the moment. Anyway, it’s a process. I try to end up with the highest resolution image, and provide it in a big file in different ways, but OMG.

The sheet that would be a PDF, so when opened in a program like Photoshop or (what I use, as it is a single, very affordable purchase rather than a monthly subscription) Affinity Designer and Photo, the elements can be copied over as transparent PNGs individually, is 6.9MB. The JPG sheet of the images is almost 9MB and the PNG sheet (which I am kinda thinking may not be needed, not sure) is 15.2MB. YIKES. The sample collage sheet I made to demonstrate how you might use the elements is 8.3MB. That is nearly 40MB.

I am still learning, of course, but this is not a bad beginning, I think.

I might have gone a bit mad with the spatters …. Mostly, I think it works well to show that the ephemera is great for collages. And yeah, I love the French themed stuff too, but this is a bit different. Most of what I have access to is from the 1800s, and is advertising type things. Note that the Spanish version of Marvilla is only one of three – there is a German language add and an English one, but this size fit the space!

The other elements were Public Domain items, and they all needed a TON of cleaning up. Being that the paper of the original was quite old, it was worn and stained and it was NOT as easy as a click or two with a magic lasso tool – it was inching over the edge with a 5px eraser in some places! But the result was good.

Ditto the butterflies on the collage. Painstakingly extracted from a busy background, and edges neatened up. I mean, I enjoy it, I really do, but it all takes time.

So I popped the large files of the Ephemera sheet and the Collage sheet (JPG only) up on Ko-Fi for free. And what I might do is add the elements that you can use for other digital design work up for a small fee. Not sure yet, still feeling my way with it all.

But never fear! Calendars will still be free, and there will always be a fair few digitals that will also be free, it may just be (to extend the time I can have THIS blog, with THIS http address live) you have to go to Ko-Fi to download them.

I should also say I did not set the Buy Me A Coffee fee, they did, You can over-ride it and by me an instant coffee LOL!

9 thoughts on “Buy me a Ko-Fi? Yikes!

  1. Space everyone needs space, we understand hang in there. Is there a link for Ko-Fi or do we need to search for it ourselves?


  2. so glad you took a look. bonus for us as we get fun files and get to support your efforts. thanks as always for sharing and all the inspiration.


    • Thanks again for suggesting it. 😀 I struggle with DropBox and have been looking for a place to host things. This seems a good place, and getting a Ko-Fi in appreciation warms my heart! Thanks as well.


  3. I wondered what paper you were using to print on?


  4. You don’t need your preview or sample at a high resolution, you can whack them right down to 72. Your final files don’t really need to be on max quality either, 300 resolution, but you can reduce the file size. If you have a slider bar, nudge it down a little. The very best quality is needed for resizing up. An a4 ready to print sheet does not really need resizing up. I use, they have a wealth of books and also British Heritage Library(see on Flickr). I have Photoshop Elements which I have been using for years, I tend to update every few years. Angela x


    • I am so close to the limit and already do most things at pretty low quality, but the actual downloads need to be HIGH quality and that just eats into what I have left 🙂 Thanks for the tip on the BHL – I think I have that bookmarked already but not spent enough time exploring it!


      • I agree with you the downloads need to be High Quality. On PSE I have high quality and maximum quality. You can always check the quality of your images by printing them out if you are in any doubt.


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