Slight deviation – A multi-event card


Dear Son’s lovely girl has her birthday on Valentine’s Day. He asked for a card that was clearly for BOTH events and said he was sure I could figure something out.

In the end I went back to the old flexagon idea. It’s a variation of the endless card, but round rather than the usual. I’ve done this before, both as a card and as a scrapbook layout, so it wasn’t super difficult, although sorting out the best way to do the papers was trickier than I hoped. MOSTLY the clear direction of the papers was not an issue but you will see the hearts ended up upside down in one flip. Oh well.

I did have to make an envelope, but just a square so not super difficult.

Annoyed with myself, because I worked out where the words needed to go in order for them to be hidden until the flip that revealed the page and I screwed it up because I liked how V-Day looked across the middle of that section. So yeah, you can see DAY was too low. Typical.

The last section is where DS could write a message. Tricky, too, because some of the areas would be on show. Not sure how he resolved it, but I trust he did.

You can see with the exception of the Birthday/V-day flip the hearts are upright in every other case. I did learn some interesting bits of info for using single-sided papers and getting the placement of the half-circles right in order for the card to truly seem like it was clearly covering two special days. I may blog that at some point, if I find time, but this is the first card I have made in AGES so I am out of practice with the whole documenting part. DS is convinced that there should be a market for cards that cover more than one event. I had an Uncle who was born on Christmas, but that is the only other person I knew who had a double-day. How about you? Are there more of them out there than I think?

6 thoughts on “Slight deviation – A multi-event card

  1. Jimmy Buffet is born on Christmas. Do you have directions on how to make this cool thing??😲


    • Click on either of the links and there are some instructions. But I learned a few things, like I said, so I really should do a tutorial for people cause it is easier 🙂 Give me time… 🙂


  2. I know you meant for Day to be hidden, but I think it works because it reads Happy Happy Day!


  3. Yes, there are LOTS of people whose birthdays fall on holidays–in my family, it’s about half of the extended family on both sides that fall on one holiday or another. My mom and her grandfather on St. Patrick’s Day, my son and father on Columbus Day (yes, I know that’s problematic now, but it counted for the first 60ish years of my father’s life), a grandmother on the 4th of July, my other grandmother on International Womens Day, my sister and I on New Year’s Eve, two aunts on Beltane, and my DIL is on Leap Day. I know a couple of people born on Christmas, as well, and an ex-friend has their birthday on Valentine’s Day. So yeah, it’s not as rare as you think, and there really should be at least a small market for dual-occasion cards.

    Also, I know a few people with anniversaries on holidays, too–Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Beltane, Midsummer…


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