Digital designing is too much fun


I have always enjoyed trying to work out how to do things in my weird program but now I am finding that it is a lot of fun doing digital designing in a program that has great online help, plus loads of tutorials and videos to take some of the guesswork and trial and error out of it.

Darling Daughter is keen on digital art, and it has been a goal of hers to design something like stickers to maybe sell, She sees loads of “influencers” who tout their sticker businesses and tlk about how much money they make… I think we all know it isn’t that easy, but it is hard to convince her of that.

So I threw a few of the designs I have been playing with up on Creative Fabrica. They are an interesting platform and I use them a lot for digital resources so I figured “Why not?” Then at least I can give DD some real insight into how difficult the process is. And for people reading here, if you are already a Creative Fabrica subscriber, they are all free to download!

I have a few kits up – mostly they would be things for printing papers to use in Junk Journals. Making the little Overview sheets was really challenging! The one I call White Roses is my first.

All a bit misty and pretty, not really MY style but fun to make!

This is a bit more to my taste – this is called The Language of Flowers and uses elements from a book from the 1800s.

Then I have a set of Journaling cards that took AGES to remove all the backgrounds. Yikes. I love that tag with the bottle on it and the one with the Golden Mean!

I struggle with pricing. I Googled a bit but it is really hard to find – except Etsy shops, which I don’t do.

Anyway, we have a big weekend – Brisket dinner party Friday, haircuts Saturday and skating again on Sunday so hard to squeeze in the time to art. Hope I manage a few hours over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Digital designing is too much fun

  1. Please look up kofi. It is a place for you to put up freebies and paid for items and we can buy you a cup of kofi as donations for all you share. If you watch ARTYmaze or Tracie Fox they both have kofi “shops” and it works great from a supporter perspective. Would love to support you. I have been following your blog for years and love what you share. You make me laugh, which is sometimes in short supply, thanks again for all you share and all the inspiration.


    • I typed a long comment then I think deleted it by mistake DOH! Thanks for your kind words – so happy you enjoy your visits. While I am 100% in the habit of giving stuff away, I may look at KoFi and see – also check out Artymaze and Tracie Fox – def. heard them mentioned before and probably seen the odd video as well. The YT algorithm confuses me – they never seem to show me what I want, more like what they want to serve. but I will go on a hunt! Cheers!

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