WOYWW 718 – just all over the place lately.


Happy WOYWW. I did a bad job of getting around last week, what with a handful of medical things getting in the way, Darling Daughter’s final Synchro skating competition of the season, Dear Son landing home for a bit, etc etc… well, it’s been a challenge for sure. Desk first:

Those papers are my play with Brushos and Iridescent Medium on the gel plate. Interesting, not very distinct, but mighty vibrant and colourful. Toying with another tag book, but also veering towards using the papers for … something else! I shall share an in-progress shot and spread them out – seem to be stuck in the blue/green/purple realm and need to move away from that, for sure.

DD’s team did well, and here is a shot of them warming up for their performance – they missed Gold by .8 of a point (to the OTHER Spice team, so a win for all anyway) :

As we are having some more windows done, we will have to let sweet Cat move on with DS to his new home. I shall cry, I’m sure, she is such a sweet bundle. Not sure if it will be easier or harder as she will surely spend her last few days with us sleeping with Dear Son and no me. Look at her, sitting at the foot of his bed, the night he left to go meet friends and then back to his girl’s place.

Just waiting. By the next night she was back in our bed and happy to cuddle with me or sit in my office. I don’t want to jinx it but there MAY be surprising news on the cat front. Watch this space…

So, while I hesitate to promise, my resolve is strong and I will hope to hop early today. Just like my daily journal writing, I find that if I begin my visits as soon as I get to my desk after breakfast, and getting DD off for her day service at EMA, there is a MUCH better chance I can blaze thru all the early post-ers before life takes over.

See you soon! And Happy WOYWW once again.

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 718 – just all over the place lately.

  1. Hello there, I know just how the best laid plans can get derailed – it’s a conspiracy!!! Still, it’s all good. Your daughter’s team did so well. Loving your pages and look forward to seeing what you do with them. I can well understand you’re going miss the gorgeous Cat! Silver sleeps on my bed too and I know I benefit from her company. Hope your plan, whatever it is, works out well for you. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #20


  2. Hi Mary Anne! Congratulations to your daughter! That’s great, although I’m sure a teensy bit disappointing, but to get that far they must have done very well! I love the colours you are using on your pages! I’m sure you will miss Cat, but I’m hoping to see a smaller version pop up on your blog soon! Kittens are SO much fun! Have a great week, Lindart #19


  3. I hope all is well with you Mary Anne 🙏 sounds like you had a lot going on. Congratulations to your DD and the team ⭐️Loooving your time with the brushos,mu Mum has some of them I’m sure 💕 looking forward toooo seeing what you have planned 🥰 To Cat 🐈 how close you have become .. they sneak up and hold onto our heart ❤️ precious are our furbabies … sending you the warmest of hugs as I type. I look forward to the surprise cat news 💛 Sending much love and mire hugs your way Tracy #17 xxx
    Thank you so much for stopping by yesterday, I smile at your words … wondering how I do it all … the guilt is real my friend 🙃 I’ve learnt over the last year that for my wellbeing, for my health I need to make the time and push the guilt away … the things I need to do will still be waiting 😊 I crave the peace and quiet,it centres me,takes my worries away …it reminds me that each day is such a gift and how lucky I am to be a part of it 🙏


  4. You were too early for me this morning!!!
    Sad news about the cat leaving for territories new . . . I’ve a vague suspicion you might be hooked . . . .
    Congrats to DD’s team, didn’t they do well? So pleased for her and they all look so good in their costumes.
    Have a good week
    Christine #18


  5. Well my plan was to blaze through too. Here we are at gone 1130 and you’re my second visit. This making plans thing…not working at the moment! I’m gosh you’ll miss Cat won’t you, especially after the time it took her to warm to you! Funny creature! You’re quite right about vibrant and colourful, my word those papers have a lovely impact!


  6. Great pic of DD and the skaters and many congrats on doing so well in the competition! I love the colours you’ve been working with, don’t bother trying to get out of the rut on my account, I’d be happy to see them for a while longer *grin* !! And that little cat, she’s such a sweetie after she took that time to settle in – I hope she’ll be ok at your son’s new place, is he staying in the UK?
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx


  7. I like your blue, green and purple colourways and am interested to see what you’ll make of them.
    The photos of Cat are lovely. I do hope you get another when she goes away with your son.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 15


  8. Oh that was such a close finish, well done. My pages are blue/green at the moment too. happy WOYWW, Angela #14


  9. My dear Mary Anne you might have been late but who cares you say the nicest things so that’s got to be good. I love playing with techniques like brushos but get carried away and then don’t use the papers so I’d love to see what you do with them. Pleased you;ve had some good family time too. Wishing you a happy and creative woyww, Angela x10x


  10. What a busy bee you are – but all good things with family so crafting/visiting can wait.
    Well done to DD on their achievement.
    Sorry to hear puss will be moving shortly but just think of how exciting it will be to see her now and then when you visit DS and have the new windows fitted. Ok, not as good as having her with you but close.
    Cheer up – the surprise might be sooner than you think.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx


  11. Well done to DD and her team mates on such a close finish Mary Anne. Loving those papers. Look forward to hearing the cat news. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2


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