Tag booklet done.


Very happy with this. I raided my stash of ribbons to make quite a lush tie for the booklet and used that paper to cover the front and back – thee was JUST enough!

and I went to my stash of tags to fill it. Not all of them are finished, and not all of them will stay in the book, but some of the less wonderful ones may get added to. I expect I will keep the two-word theme going, because I do like those ones best so far.

I am toying with making another one, with some changes, but I am just not sure if that is something I really need to do. I have been playing with some Brushos and I will just have to see where it leads. I am also still deep in the weeds of digital papers, so honestly, just no clue where I will land at this point. But I like this booklet a lot, think it is really pretty, and just have to decide if I want to add some more words to it, add some sort of focal point to the cover, IDK.

Indecision is my downfall….

6 thoughts on “Tag booklet done.

  1. The more I go through your blog at random times of the night or day, I feel you should do videos of you and your work… just set up an over head camera and start filming and talking the way you write… I’m sure the end result would be both truly amazing and addictive watching!


    • You are very sweet – I did actually end up with a ring light when we got a different one for Darling Daughter and have considered it. But like most people I really hate the sound of my own voice, and The Hubster thinks I am in dire need of an editor (and a spell-checker LOL!) so not sure if it will ever happen. Also I was hoping my son would hang about long enough to talk me thru video editing but that didn’t happen… 😀


      • I watched those ladies video making up this rolled up tag booklet, with their black and white patterns and stuff, but I still love yours so much more!
        As for videos, I know what you mean. Hubby was going to help. He has all the camera’s needed…(making 7eventyup videos)but now he’s gone… I have no idea what anything is! Even charging the camera’s batteries has had me fogged! Keep crafting!


  2. So pretty!! Are there directions about how to make the booklet or is it something you already had??


  3. Looove looove love inside and out Mary Anne 💕🥰🤩😍🥰💕🤩😍🥰💕🤩😍🥰💕 swoooon!!!


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