That Ikea paper tape and a fun use for it.


Long time readers will recall my obsession with the foldable paper photo corners. I did a YouTube “video” (slideshow, really) for folding them way back in 2010.

After I printed on those Ikea paper tape measures, I realized they were perfect for this technique. It only takes a few folds to create a whole row of corners, just ready to snip apart.

They are perfect for lots of things but I think Junk Journalers will be particularly interested. They would make great additions for holding journaling cards, for example. How cute, right?

I am awaiting my new phone being set up and once it is, I may make use of it and have a bash at a video. Don’t hold your breath, but maybe….

3 thoughts on “That Ikea paper tape and a fun use for it.

  1. Ooh yeals, i remember these, they are good for junk journals etc. I think i remember you trying to teach me to make them at a crop many years ago! Me and consistency however dont go, lol! Hope your ok after your appt too?


  2. Good morning! I’ll check out your video soon as I’ve done making the desk rounds. Lovely idea on the corners. Creative Blessings! Kelly #16


  3. Brilliant idea! Great edges to ATCs


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