Away for the day…

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I am up at the hospital for a small procedure today. I’m just going to pop in some more of my digital play. I took the sheet I made in Procreate, and tried to recreate it in Affinity Designer 2. The tools are not the same – or they are, but maybe AD2 is harder to use as a total beginner, and I spent a LOT of time looking in the online help section. I think the Procreate stuff is maybe more intuitive? Plus Darling Daughter is a dab hand at Procreate so I could ask her questions if I got stuck!

Possibly hard to see the real differences between them in the small screen grabs, and they aren’t EXACTLY the same as I used different brushes and I believe blending modes. Affinity left, Procreate right. Better shot of the Procreate one in a previous post if you care to look back.

Here is a bigger shot of the Affinity Designer 2 one:

The other thing I did in conjunction with making this in AD2 was make some damask brushes, so I could stamp those rather than find and drag in the .PNG all the time. It’s a handy thing, but it took me a stupidly long time to figure out how to use the Fx panel to change the colour of the brush – crikey.

I really am going to focus on getting this paper made into a full set, because I do like it a lot and I might even like this version better than the original. I think it would be very pretty as part of a junk journal.

OK, scheduled a post for WOYWW as well a this one, in case I need a day to rest up, but with luck something more interesting on Thursday and Friday! Sheffield Synchro comp for the Steel City Trophy on the weekend for Darling Daughter (last comp of the season) then life should settle down, a bit. Maybe.

One thought on “Away for the day…

  1. Good luck at the hospital, hope everything goes OK..
    Tell DD that I’m rooting for her…..


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