Embarking on collage


I had a bash at a page in my journal, earmarked for collage, then turned over and started on on the back (kinda going with the flow) then realized if I made something I really loved, and, for example, that I wanted to pull out and frame or display, I would sacrifice the one on the back. Yikes. So I preemptively pulled it out and decided to work only on the one side from here forward.

I will say it looks slightly better in real life than in the photo, but I am OK with having pulled it out LOL!

Then, I saw a nice video on the slip-knot binding. Really liked it.

I have made literally 100s of mini-albums and handmade books, and have tried dozens of binding methods over the years, but never done this one. So, as is quite often the way, I altered my plan. I thought I might make a smaller series of collages, 4×4 inches, and kill two birds. I will be getting some practice on collage in the smaller size, save my nice journal for when I can (hopefully) make some more quality work, and make a little book like this to practice the binding. Win-Win-Win!

I began the smaller pages, and made one plus the reverse side as well. Different issue with the two-sidedness on this one ‘tho.

You can guess. The binding requires holes to be punched and I really need to know where they will be lest I punch a hole in a place that would be less than ideal (like the little scrap at the top or the bright pink block at the bottom, on the photo on the left!) Made a little guide, which I would need anyway for the binding work, so I can carry on now.

One thing about collage, it both uses and produces scraps. Oh dear. I will never use them all up, will I?

2 thoughts on “Embarking on collage

  1. ooh some fantastic makes on your past few updates. The idea of scanning your favourites before using them is a great idea. Thanks also for your kind comments on my sketches, and hope your appt went ok too.
    Catch up on Wednesday

  2. I watched the video – thanks for the link. I shall be giving it a go. I liked the collage she did here

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