WOYWW 713 – out of chaos comes order?


Happy WOYWW!

and Yikes. Crazy computer things last weekend but luckily I had a plan! I decided, based on a few inputs, including our own Caro and a couple of ladies in my mixed media art group, to embark on a collage project. It is an art form that I haven’t done much of, but would like to get better at. And lord knows I have what is technically referred to as a shit-ton of collage papers. I literally dragged even bin and box and file that I had stuffed loose gel prints or pages torn from magazines or stashes or dyed papers and set out to sort them into divisions that I felt might make sense. There is a LOT.

This is actually a large round spare table that I dragged into the small open area in my art space to be able to have enough room to put all those bins and boxes on one level. Again I say YIKES.

My desk is actually quite tidy, as I also dragged out the fodder keeper I made and a wire-bound art journal I have had for ages, which was always intended for this collage project. I’ve just kept putting it off.

I need to replenish my keeper with more bits! It’s looking a bit sparse in some places.

I will share my progress. This week I have two Drs. appointments, both in response to those not-great test results I may have mentioned. A change of medication is required, and sharpish. Ugh.

Lastly, Cat. She keeps finding new places to hang out. This past week she seemed to make an old chair in the bedroom her home. To be fair, she likes the back of the chair, which is right by a window, best, but that window has obscured glass in the bottom pane so she eventually decides to sleep on the seat.

She hasn’t completely abandoned me – when Dear Son shuts her out of his “office” to make phone calls or play games or program, she will sometimes find me to cuddle up to. I’m told she is unusual, and that most cats are not as cuddly as her. No idea as she is pretty much the only cat I have even spent any time with. Cat lovers and owners, you tell me. Is she deviating from the norm? Darling Daughter is already stressing about when Son+Cat might move on, and is asking about getting her own cat. Yikes for a third time! Thinking we love this cat but unwilling to risk the uncertainty of another that might be quite standoffish and…cat-like!

I was later last week due to some scheduling issues around home (electrician, cleaner, various calls and appointments) and then the computer over the weekend, but hoping this week, with Wednesday fully clear, I can get around early and fully. I’ll be hopping by yours soon…

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 713 – out of chaos comes order?

  1. O wow, that’s a lot of nice paper you have there, makes me think I should create some gelli-plate prints again as my stash of those papers is becoming thin (I do have a lot of other nice dessin-paper though…) I saw your post today (february 2) too, you are all ready to collage now! Have fun, and have a great weekend! O, and thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday. Love from Holland, Marit #15

  2. I havent done much collage either, tho it is tempting. Robyn 19

  3. First time I’ve commented here by phone… eventually found where!! Hope the change of meds are OK .I’m not a cat person so can’t help ! Have a great week Helen #6

  4. Wow Mary Anne that sounds like a big project! I hope you have lots of fun with it.
    Every cat I’ve lived with (we’re now up to 9&10) has reacted differently but most of them eventually like a cuddle, from sitting on my shoulder (Thea) to lying back in my arms like a baby (Jake), or just sitting close alongside (Tammy). Sketch was very timid but eventually deigned to sit on my chest , paws on my shoulders, staring into my eyes. Gracie is still quite nervous in general but will come for a cuddle with me when she feels like it. I think some cats just need longer to settle in. Dreamies helped Gracie snd Bella get used to coming to me. Training by bribery!
    It also helps find them if we’re worried – they both come running if I shake the bag.
    Hope that helps
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 14

  5. Love the folder keeper, clicked the link to read more. Then had a look on Amazon for pocket pages. I can’t really decide the best way to keep the stuff for collage. I think every year I use a diff storage system when we go away in the caravan. Happy WOYWW. Angela #1

  6. On the cat front . . . I am not a cat person, the only time they came for a fuss was when I fed them.
    Now, Peter was completely different. If he sat, they sat and pushed each other off to get the best, in their heads, place! If he went outside, they went outside . . unless it was cold in which case, one would meeow all the time until he came back in!! We had lots, I was soft and couldn’t see one suffering, he just loved them.
    Your comment on Julia’s post about Vera Lane stamps . . . I only buy the digital images . . . all the time! I won’t encourage you but Vera Lane Studios is on Etsy . . . They are perfect for your backgrounds . . . just saying . . .
    Hope the Drs appts go ok and they have some good news for you. Tell DD to ignore the cat and the cat will ignore her . . . I found they were very good at that.
    Christine #12

  7. Oh love the fodder keeper and had to pop over to the link you gave for a more thorough look too, what a great idea. Hope you get your stuff sorted soon, all looks amazing collage pieces, mine are just in a tin! BJ#4

  8. I’ve had a fair few cats over the years and they’re like people, all completely different! Some loved a lap snuggle, others just curled up alongside using me as a heat source (I know my place….). She’s a lovely cat and has done so well settling in after what must have been quite traumatic journey for her. Give her a scritch for me.
    Well done on the sorting, has to be done first before the collage starts – hope you have fun with the project. I love collage but don’t seem to have the knack!
    Hugs LLJ xxx

  9. All I can say on the cat front is that you never know. I snuggled my kitten an awful lot but she grew into a cat that hated snuggles. She was a love though, I miss her still and its yonks ago she departed.
    Good luck with the journal – you certainly have lots to work with – Yikes!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Oh Wow! Mary Anne that is a lot of paper. I’m trying to do more in my journals so will be pleased to see how you use these. I need all the help I can get as it’s not something I do much off which is why the books have piled up, good intentions and all that. Good luck with the appointments. Happy woyww creating, Angela x?x

  11. I look forward to sseing how your collage journal progresses Mary Anne. Hope a change in medication does what it needs to. My parents and sister have 3 cats each and they are a mix of snuggly and stand offish. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

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