What? A Saturday post?


I KNOW. Unexpected.

I have been having a bit of fun playing around with creating digital paper using the iPad and Procreate. I made a piece (yeah, I know, not really my style, is it?) and I thought I would share it. It is not big enough/high quality enough for printing (ie not a PDF to download) but I would love feedback on it. I guess the intended use would be as a junk journal signature, with some sort of companion piece to be printed on the back, making it foldable into signature shape.

Is it meant to be all misty and indistinct, so you can still write on it. I played about with making some tags as well, and a little fold-over.

I mean, it’s not award-winning or anything, but I had fun doing it and I learned something in the process. Now I just need to sort out how to make papers that are more MY style, maybe even using scans of my own prints. THAT could be both fun and useful.

Don’t get used to it. LOL! I don’t plan on adding in regular Saturday posts. Life is far too hectic at the moment and I am not feeling my strongest but I did want to share this out-of-the-ordinary play.

I have been toying with the idea of doing much, much more of this. Apparently I have a Creative Fabrica id – who knew? [ID: #1841799] and it is possible to seel there. Been doing some research on that and it looks like an interesting place to begin. We shall see….

2 thoughts on “What? A Saturday post?

  1. Blimey, being late for WOYWW and then you threw me by adding an extra post! Love the pulls you’ve been getting using your old paints and lumbered, good on you for persisting with them, I’m not proud to say I think I’d have just dropped them straight in the bin! This page design threw me too, it’s quite lovely and so far removed from what I associate with you that I read it twice to make sure I understood it was your work! They are pretty, soft and subtle and ideal for a journal aren’t they. I hope you aren’t too wrecked b6 a change in meds or anything, gosh you do have to be patient.

  2. I love the background and the roses they go really well together. I have been thinking of getting Procreate myself, I do my digital work on my laptop with P.S.E.

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