Experiments with my glue gun stencil conversion piece.


Oh man this was fun. Totally unplanned, totally unexpected, but I love, love, love the results. If you recal the stencil looks like this

It was just all a bit random, but I totally loved it from the first moment I made it. Yesterday’s post details the process I went thru, converting it from hot glue to a cut stencil and I wanted to get some paint on it right away. I had been playing with some other stuff, had a bit of paint on the gel plate, and made a few rather random pulls just to use it and kinda coat it. I did some brown, cause it was on my desk, and some turquoise, and some copper, and just pulled the paint with some cut bits, thinking … well I don’t know what really. I really liked theone on deli paper, which picke dup the paint within the stencil but also the paint stuck to the stencil.

I had been using my 12×12 plate as a palette and pulling some prints on the 5×7, so there was a bunch of random colours on the bi one. I had plopped the stencil down on it and then decided to just pull a print thru the stencil, which gave me this:

I just really liked the mix of colours, and when I removed the stencil I could see there was a lot of paint still trapped under it. A thin coat of white and I pulled all kinds of stuff that was on the 12×12, probably from a few sessions.

I mean, wow. It’s weird and wonderful and I love it.

And of course I had to scan it, because it always looks so different in a scan than a photo:

I think this is going to be fun to play with, and I really want to figure out the best use of this print. I feel like I need to cover something with it, or maybe use it in a collage. Ir maybe momigami it. I wonder if I could scan it and print it and momigami that? Ooh, that could be fun to try too!

I am not doing enough to make actual projects at the moment, just playing and having fun. But I will be in dange of becoming overrun with random prints if I don’t kind a way to actually USE them productively. Putting on my thnking cap…

2 thoughts on “Experiments with my glue gun stencil conversion piece.

  1. Just gorgeous! what fun you will have with that home made stencil – and all your prints!

  2. Great printouts!

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