Experiments in colour, and paper, transformed

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Been a while since I did a colour challenge, but I wanted to play with traditional Christmas colours so I did.

Mostly Green + a bit of red. I allowed myself a metallic, gold.

I always begin with good overall coverage on the sheet, then touches of darker and/or lighter. I am loving brayer work too.

When it came to the red. I had a lot to choose from but I knew I wanted only one

For me, that was Pebeo 50 Primary Magenta. It’s not what I think of when I think of Magenta but hey ho… I added it using the scribbly circles from PMAS. Lots of them. And finally my favourite grid circle, the biggest one this time, for the touches of gold.

I really liked how the brayer skittered over the white dots (used punchinella for those in a previous layer) and really seemed to highlight them

This one was always destined to be cut up for cards, I just need to consider the topper. They are so chaotic with colour and pattern it feels like a simple word is all that is needed. I don’t need too many more, the postal strike means it is best to stick with hand delivered cards this year where possible, and increase my stash for another year.

Another skating performance – outside, in the cold, the Mixed Ability SPICE Synchro team were are the Windsor ice rink for a night. Brrrr. Cold just looking at the photo, but how festive!

One thought on “Experiments in colour, and paper, transformed

  1. Loving that paper…. Punchinello…. Oldies are the besties.
    Love the photo, hope DD did well. All those bare arms…… brrrr

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