A useful storage item from trash


I used that packing paper in a useful way. I had an old box, one of the ones with an insert for bottles, and I thought I had enough in that long strip to cover the whole thing. I got the box covered

but when I looked at the insert and what I had left…oh dear. Not enough! I reinforced the slotted together compartments and had a good think about it. Should I use other paper?

To be honest, unless you were looking down into the box from above, you are not going to see that not ever inch is covered, so I thought how best to cover as much as I could, In the end I cut the last piece into three strips and covered the top only. It covered enough of the insert that except from this angle, looking downward into the box, you don’t see it isn’t full coverage!

Washi tape neatened up the rough edges

and it makes the perfect storage for my rolls of embossed anaglypta wallpaper – a great texture tool for gel printing!

I used to have these tucked up on a high shelf and often forgot about them, but now they can stay out, neatly stored, and used a lot more. Win Win!

I did a bad job on WOYWW last week, very late. I am so hit or miss I am happy to let others claim the top spot. I’d feel awful if I was at Number 1 and didn’t get round for days. Tomorrow, who knows? Darling Daughter will be off at a skating event again (only one more after that between now and Christmas) so with luck I will be primed for desk hopping and ready to go!

4 thoughts on “A useful storage item from trash

  1. Wow that’s so pretty, you did such a great job. Where did you get the embossed anaglypta wallpaper?

  2. Anaglypta is one of my favourite words. It’s so satisfying to say.

  3. You continue to amaze me with your ingenuity! Not the box but the use of the wallpaper…… I have been using it as background papers but texture on the Gelli!?!?! My Peter used to moan about the samples of wallpaper I brought back from the DIY shop but now I shall have to go look at the new designs!!!
    Love how you redesigned the box and it does look good.

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