Happy WOYWW! My desk is not awful, as I have tidied up a bit from the making of my White On White colour challenge piece and moved on to make a bunch of cards from the 12 x 12 sheet.

I’ll walk thru the card tomorrow. I thought I would share the scan of the paper – I haven’t tried doing it before, but I wonder if I can print the scan and perhaps add some touches of gold to it then use THAT for making more cards. I really like it so I might give it a go.

What else? I was also working on a long piece of packaging paper, but with no real firm idea what I want to do with it. I feel like it’s best use, when done (and it’s not QUITE there yet) is for covering something. Maybe some boxes? Not sure. It has been draped over the paint cart for a few days while I worked on the W-on-W challenge, but now I need to finish it and decide what to do with it!!

It is def. my usual chaotic style.

The Cat. Her most favourite spot, other than on the cushion in my sewing room while he in on his computer, is at the top of the stairs. Like Yertle the Turtle, she is the ruler of all she surveys…or thinks she is anyway!

Photo? Not this week….

Happy WOYWW to all – we are putting up the tree this coming weekend…how about you?

11 thoughts on “WOYWW 704

  1. Gosh I can’t choose between the long paper or the scan, both would end up being cut up by me obviously, I’m a card make first and foremost, but I do really like them both! I think Sunday will see quite a lot of decorations for this house, maybe not the tree as well, just because I seem to remember that on my own it takes so long, and I will be on my own, Bart likes the tree but wouldn’t cross the street to decorate it!

  2. Those textures are really cool! Have a lovely December Mary Anne! xx zsuzsa #17 (from yesterday)

  3. Love al your posts. Your white on white is fabulous! Please don’t decorate your tree with any Cherished breakable ornaments (or tinsel). Kitties are unpredicatable with so much temptation. One cat I had knocked over my tree breaking every glass ornament (from falling tree) and tinsel is a choking hazzard. Info in case you’ve never dealt with kitties at Christmas.

    • Oh dear! We have been keeping the living room door closed unless Dear Son is in there to police her behaviour so may just stick with that! I am not a tinsel fan so perhaps I can tell Darling Daughter NO TINSEL and blame it on the cat… 🙂

  4. You will have to call her something other than “The Cat” 🤣 I like your white on white, will you print it on a special paper as opposed to ordinary? Happy WOYWW. Angela #7

  5. Moning Mary Anne – loving you WonW project. Your packing paper is looking pretty awesome too. I have put off the tree till Monday (well I actually said the following weekend but got over ruled). It seems like the cat is really settling in lol. Have a good week, love n hugs Cindyxx #14

  6. I really love that scanned white on white piece, it would make the most awesome masterboard! I was also using that long wrapping paper for crafting yesterday but as a work surface, nothing quite as artistic as your lovely greens artwork! And the cat is quietly asserting dominance, resistance is futile!!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  7. Goood morning Mary Anne ❤ In looove with the white on white you created, I may have swooned over the makings of it in your other post ⭐️ so beautiful it is … scanning printing a fab idea ⭐️ toooo your long paper trail … I can see it on a fat stick all rolled up like a scroll 📜 whatever you use it for will be gorrrrgeous 🥰 Haha 🐈 smiling as I read about cat . Sending much love with wishes ⭐️ for a fab week ahead with hugs Tracy #12 xxx

  8. I lve your scanned piece, it’s one of my favourite things to scan a masterboard and then ad to it. I also like to playn around with the scanned piece on Picassa which is fun too. Look forward to seeing what happens next. Have a fun woyww whatever you are up to, hugs Angela x10x

  9. scanning your WoW piece sounds good to me, double use, good idea! the long roll of bright paper looks very good too I hope you find something suitable to use it for. happy WOYWW Helen #1

  10. Love both your inky projects this week Mary Anne – the top one is particularly elegant. No tree for us this year. We need to decorate the living room ready for new carpet in January. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

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