Scraps on a roll

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I have been seeing something called a snippet roll around the internet, and I decided to have a go making one. The ones I’ve seen tend towards the shabby chic and/or vintage style and also often includes fabric and lace and ribbon. I wanted to create something more in keeping with my slightly chaotic gel prints. My idea is to see if I can bring it to play in my journaling project, as a quick sort of page embellishment.

Basically it’s just a collage on a long thin strip. One of the first ones I saw was on old adding machine paper rolls. I used the same amazon packaging paper for mine. I gathered up a load of colourful scraps, paper-weight or deli paper, nothing too thick, and collaged it along a 2 or 3 metre strip.

I used a glue stick to adhere the scraps, but not working too hard to cover every bit with adhesive cause the next step is some wavy, zig-zaggy sewing.

Then, you can embellish with whatever you like. Labels seem popular (hence my making labels last week) but again, too vintage. I uses some stamping and embossing and adhered some little punched elements (or their negative spaces)

In the end I rather liked it, but how well it will work in my junk journals I do not know. The whole thing is an experiment but I hope I’ll find a way to make it work!

And yes, thank you, I did have a lovely birthday!


One thought on “Scraps on a roll

  1. Pretty!

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