Just having a play with tea bags….

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I have seen some really cool art using tea bags. The Hubster finished up his jug of iced tea so I made another one and kept the bags to test out something I saw on YouTube. Love that there are annotations in English.

You know I am very fond of image transfer using the gel plate so I had to give it a go.

As you would expect, I just added the paint to the plate in a thin layer. As the tea was Tumeric and Star Anise, the bags had a very yellow cast to them. I picked a red paint to work with that warm tone.

It really captured some great detail. The text was a bit too light to really read but I am ok with that. I had another image from the page I tore out so decided to try the mica-first technique. Even better results, I think.

Added bonus, the original book image coated with the mica and the paint, top of the right side photo? Still usable!

And just a side-by-side of the plain and mica-added images:

The text was much sharper this time. And final shot to show the mica shimmer, with a bit of a tilt. You know you can never quite capture how shimmery and golden it is in real life.

I am not sure what I would use this for. Like so many samples they may sit, untouched and unloved in a drawer for years before I finally drag them out and make use of them! Who knows? Maybe I will think of the perfect thing in a day or two….

…but probably not!


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