A different orb to print and add to


Last one, I think. I can see that a bowl full of these would make a pretty holiday display. I designed another version, wintery and blue, and popped it up on Dropbox for download. I may have to change this if I am getting back from people that it is not working! It looks like this:

I find that putting a largish knot in a loop of thread or floss or yarn, then squeezing the ball slightly and pushing it inside the gap, then letting the gap close around it is a very effective method for adding a hanger.

But when you download the PDF you will see there are some small moon shaped at the edge. Not enough, but you can cut them, stack them, and make a slightly more robust template for cutting those shapes. I wanted to use up some sheets of sticky backed glitter paper that has been hanging about in my craft space FOR-EV-ER so this was a good way to at least make a start!

For this one I printed 2 x on one sheet. You will be able to do this on your printer but you will have to sort out how. Mine is a simple click from the drop down menu.

This gives your a choice of sizes. Here you can see the One-per-page and the Two-per-page versions for comparison!

I can think of a lot of options for this. I am keen to also use up some of my gilding flakes, so I think maybe the purple one from yesterday would look really pretty with gold flakes added to those moons, and I think that could be added after the fact – we’ll see. But likewise you could cut and add any sort of paper for a two-tone effect, if that additional effort appeals. And of course you can just use the basic template from the first post link and use any paper you like. I have some pretty Christmas wrapping paper of a decent weight that I am also keen to try. In any case, hope you have fun with these, cause they are super simple and so eye-catching for such little effort.

2 thoughts on “A different orb to print and add to

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  2. they have all been so pretty!


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