Beautiful and EASY paper orbs

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These are honestly so much fun and so easy to make. There is a template here from Creative In Chicago, and a really helpful video here

You can use your own papers (and that can be gel prints or scrapbook paper or anything) but in my experience a slightly heavier paper, 170gsm to 230gsm, really works well. The score lines really hold better than on thinner paper.

You can use the template for a ball all of the same paper, like these. The first one is from a couple of gloss spray pieces

and this green one is from a gel print. Both are very pretty and use the template printed two to a page on an A4 sheet. I believe you should be able to see it rotating here.

The template is bigger (full A4) so the orb is bigger. All you need to do is print, score and assemble.

I like to edge the curves in gold paint, either with a pen or my fingertip. So pretty!

I am trying something new – as this is quite a large file, I am adding it via Dropbox. Here is a printable sheet that you can use. Just click the DOWNLOAD button and you should have it. I’ve cleaned up a lot of old stuff but still not got much space available so … 🙂

I do have another idea I am keen to try – if it works I think it’ll be cute. I’ll share tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

One thought on “Beautiful and EASY paper orbs

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