Olive & Icy part two…


So you saw a glimpse of the final paper I made in response to an Olive & Icy Blue challenge. It was pretty funny, when I was rifling back thru my stash of scrapbook papers, I found THIS:

I mean, c’mon! I would never have guessed it. and I wonder if the reasn it is still in my stash is that weird colour combo! another point of interest is the fact that this time, I did NOT cut off the info-strip at the bottom. I mean, why would I? It extends the size of the paper and isn’t seen so…

I reversed the layers, beginning with the icy blue and adding the olive over that – II used that weird foam stamp I cut from one of my neurographic drawings and oh man I love how it looks!

I added more olive around the edges and a darker Phthalo Turquoise with another wallpaper stamp for some depth and drama

and then some stenciled numbers and finally some copper.

In the end it looked like this:

And side-by-side? I def. think I like the predominantly blue one better.

Do you?

Update on Son + Cat place holder. If I know, I’ll add it….

3 thoughts on “Olive & Icy part two…

  1. I agree and like the more blue one better!! And I think the flower on the old scrapbook paper you found in your stash reminds me of the wallpaper we had in the downstairs bathroom when we were kids! 😄


  2. Morning Mary Anne. Definitely the blue one for me. It’s a very late 60’s sort of colourway, isn’t it. Hope all gets sorted re son and cat!! Belated happy birthday to the daughter.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4


  3. Yes, I prefer the blue. Really eye-catching.


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