Working on deleting the calendars – but here are some new ones!


Dear Son + Cat arrive on MONDAY and there is likely to be a whole week of me sharing old projects or things I feel should maybe be dragged up from the depths of my blog and given some time in the light once again. But for today I have a new 2023 calendars for you.

As I have been deeply immersed in my gel plate play at the moment, I thought I would go back to an older idea and try to incorporate the gel plate and my calendar printables together. At first I began playing with my circles.

I had a go at decorating some of those by masking off the printed text area and pulling a print on the whole area. I got to use one of my favourite wallpaper texture plates from a very long time ago, and it still works.

I could have had a lighter touch withthe paint and the impression would have been much clearer I think. Some of the others:

And of course they fit nicely in a CD case – download the PDF here!

I have ALSO been looking at the DIY ones and thinking something more along the lines of the faux letterpress ones would be a better idea – more room to decorate!

I will share one of those for tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Working on deleting the calendars – but here are some new ones!

  1. These are so colorful and fun. This would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. Thanks for the 2023 updated calendar and the inspiration.


  2. Thank you! I was just thinking I need to start printing and getting calendars ready for next year.


  3. Thank you for sharing so much of your talent, it is so inspiring- I look forward to your email every day- enjoy you’re your son- kind regards Jo Gordge – Amanzimtoti South Africa.


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