Just a quick diversion – my desk covering


I know I am meant to be doing the card-cube tutorial, but we have just gotten the new flight dates for Dear Son + Cat and have kicked into high gear once again. Darling Daughter has recovered from what appears to be quite a mild case of Covid, and despite inhabiting the same house as her AND being in somewhat close quarters (before she had any symptoms or tested postive) the Hubster and I both managed to avoid it. Phew. Now we just need to hope the updated vaccine will do it’s job. Anyway, all that is only to warn once again my crafty time is limited and my posts might just be thin on the ground. With everything we need to do I am just hoping my back holds up!

A while back I showed you the prep work on the playing card squares, where I gessoed and painted them. My desk top was quite a mess!

I really was not at all careful about my painting, mostly because of my cheap solution to a desk covering. I have a large silicone sheet but I find it hard to use with no markings. I have a glass mat as well but it ends up sitting on the side of my desk ignored, because it is more trouble than it is worth to clear a space and drag it out.

What I have on my desk is a large piece of contact paper with the backing still on it. (under £7 for a 3 metre roll)

You can see the grid lines even thru the film. LOL! That poor abandoned butter-box project. I’ll finish it one day….

I just pull off a large chunk, and trim to size then use the cut off bits (peeled away from the backing this time) to stick it onto the decorative contact paper that covers my desk already. It is totally wipe-able but I do have to grab a cutting mat if I want to use a blade. It can take a beating from paint, spray ink, glue, etc, and still wipes clean. It is cheap for a massive roll and the piece that covers your desk can be used (or at least most of it can) when you decide to change it.

The other contact paper that covers the desks themselves (whitewashed wood) is wipe-able too, but once it gets marred or tatty on the edges it is a lot more expensive and time consuming to replace. So this suits me for now. The teflon sheets work in a similar fashion but are more expensive (nearly £20 for ONE piece big enough to cover ONE desk) and I only have small cheap thin ones from the £ store. I like cheap, but most of all I like using something I have on hand best of all!

I have been spending time sorting and organizing all my gel printing tools. Dear Lord it is taking AGES. I expect my desk to look pretty much the same for WOYWW, if I’m honest but the used-to-be window desk is likely to be a bit different….

3 thoughts on “Just a quick diversion – my desk covering

  1. Excellent idea!
    So glad DD is over the virus and it was mild. I get the weekly digest on Mondays and am a bit behind the news. I am very thankful you and hubby didn’t come down with it. Whew.

  2. What a great Idea the contact paper with grid lines. Love it! Hope Son & cat have a nice trip.

  3. Great idea !!!! Thank you !!!

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