A few projects on the go…Spirit Doll first.

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FINALLY, my back is approaching normalcy. And FINALLY the Cat + Son transport is getting sorted and an arrival date for both should come TODAY. Well, I hope so anyway. I have been working on a challenge for an online group, to make a spirit doll. OK, yeah, so if yo have spent ANY time here you know I do not buy in to all that airy fairy, mystical, goddess, moon cycle stuff. If you do, I am glad you gain comfort or strength from it. I don’t. But from a purely arty viewpoint, making a spirit doll seemed … fun. At one point, a friend of my MIL was going to make one for darling daughter. Her work was amazing. But she had a change of circumstance and stopped all her art while we were still in the planning and picking fabric stage. Anyway, I thought I would have a bash. First off, I was thinking about an embellishment. Weird angle to come at it, but hey ho. I had stumbled across something I made, easily 20 years ago. A little beaded mermaid.

I think she is adorable, still, but she wasn’t quite right. I dragged out my Beadlings book and found the Damselfly, which I thought would be nice made form the slightly larger beads I had on hand. About the same size as the mermaid, butI think larger beads kinda play with the scale, so the spirit doll looks…smaller, I guess.

It’s a simple process. You get a couple of sticks, wire them int a cross, add some toy stuffing then start wrapping loose strips of fabric around to build a body. You add an “intention” inside – and I did but somehow those photos disappeared into the ether. It was a small open-frame circle charm, stuck to fabric, with my intention added in typewriter font. Looked cute and hangs around her neck, under the wrapping layers. Annoying. As did most of the stages-of-wrapping ones. Bah! Somehow she went from the left photo to the right, with no steps in between.

There is a lot more embellishments to be added, and building the face/head part deserves a bit more time and thought so I’ll share more detail tomorrow – provided my ancient iPhone/camera cooperates. Grrr. I am enjoying it and have lots of ideas so hope you enjoy my process.

Gutted to have missed the WOYWW crop but will hope to see many photos on the hop on Wednesday!

One thought on “A few projects on the go…Spirit Doll first.

  1. One of the LifeBook or maybe Art for Earth sessions had a spirit doll, only made of clay. It didn’t appeal to me, however yours does- even before I saw the finished doll.

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