WOYWW 695 – can 700 be far behind?


Happy WOYWW. Getting better on the day. May back is finally feeling a little better and while I am hyper-busy tryng to sort out Darling Son’s (FINALLY!) return to the UK, I have managed to visit 80% of the desks on the day and catch up with the last few before the next WOYWW. Still majorly sad to have to miss the crop, but I just could not see a way to manage the distance and lose a whole weekend when there is still so much to be done. Mostly cause of the CAT. We have never had a cat before, so it is going to be a bit of a challenge, I’m sure. She’s a cutie for sure

My desk is a bit of a mess as I have been working on a little book project using some printable papers. Just a bit of fun, really, but I did a lousy job of capturing the process. I’ll share the final piece but as for process, not so much. You know when you get deep in the zone and just want to fininsh? Everything else falls away.

Th papers are lovely but I don’t think the paper I used to print them on is well liked by my new printer. The toner seems to flake off when creased or folded or rubbed. I think I need to determine which of the papers I have work best with that printer and make sure that is what is loaded in the drawer!

Other than that, not a lot to say. I still can’t scamper up a ladder, lest I risk my back, so no shot of the banner in place, although it is repaired and ready and the hanging method is solid. Here’s a hint (and proof of repair LOL!)

So that is enough. This week is another manic one, with people dropping by for various reasons most days. I cannot see it settling down anytime soon, if ever. The quote should have been: When I am an old woman, I shall be BUSY…

Happy WOYWW! Enjoy the crop all who will attend. Wish I could be there.

10 thoughts on “WOYWW 695 – can 700 be far behind?

  1. Kitty will love to lay on your papers and bat any small bits around! I keep things in a large12x12 plastic bin when I leave the door open to my craft room. Also, inevitably she always finds wet paint and anything I drop. She finds it and leaves it (usually in bedroom or Kitchen) where I will find it. But they are adorable and funny!

  2. Sad you won’t be at the crop……
    Don’t envy you the kitten, fun days ahead! lol
    So pleased you managed to fix the dolls, just enjoy their downtime….
    Take care

  3. Like Cindy it took me a minute to see the cat! Sorry your back is better yet. I have not heard of ink/toner flaking off. Could there be a coating on the paper? Happy WOYWW. Angela #9

  4. PS. The art dolls look fantastic too! Just realised you turned them into a banner!

  5. I’m gutted too that I can’t make the crop – if only we could teleport ourselves for a couple of hours! I know you have a daughter, but I didn’t know you have a son as well! Is he moving to the UK permanently? It’s fun to have a cat in the house! I scrolled back a few posts – I can’t comment on every one of them individually, but I really liked your feather print! Must try that technique – looks awesome! Enjoy your week – will prob see you on Insta! xx zsuzsa #16

  6. Oh MaryAnne you will be missed!! Backs are a nightmare aren’t they? I have a new one in my lower back that starts when I lean a certain way on my kitchen counter looking at my phone. OK, so don’t do that!! But do you know how many times I forget? So take it easy, backs can take you from moving to stuck in a millisecond. I stared at your first photo for a full minute before I saw the cat LOL. Hope for a a larger pic soon!! Happy WOYWW, love n hugs Cindy #14

  7. Morning Mary Anne. Sorry you are struggling still – trust all will soon improve with your back. Ys, printers, paper and ink, don’t always go well together, do they? I have some papers which print out photos really well, while others are just hopeless, leaving great pools of ink on the sheet!!
    Cute banner!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  8. Sorry I wont see you Saturday but it looks like you’ve got plenty to do at home. Such a sweet kittie. Happy woyww, Angela x10x

  9. Oh that is one cute kitty indeed Mary Anne. Hope your back continues heading in the right direction and that you get everything ready in time. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  10. glad your back is easing but care with ladders yet. the banner looks fab once more! Such a shame you can’t make the crop – next time maybe! happy WOYWW Helen #1

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