ABC Challenge – Image transfer


Oops. Forgot the schedule this one… here it is, a bit late in the day…

Today, I: Image Transfer! Well, of course I was always going to play with the mica powder layer under an image transfer for this one cause I really love how it looks, and I have an image I really wanted to use. But I also had to play with my pan pastels to see if it does actually work on the same principle, as Zsuzsa mentioned she thought might be the case. So begin with the expected – smear the mica powder all over the plate in a thin but fully-covering layer:

Roll on the black paint in a thin layer, lay on the image (this one is a laser print, but yeah, magazine images work too) and rub fully but lightly. Remove, add the white paint in a thin layer and pull the print. I have walked thru this a few timesso won’t bore you with a ton of phots of paint on the plate LOL!

Such a funky image LOL! I love the paper used for the transfer too. Very interesting as well.

And it is fun to tilt to see the shimmer and then as it shift to a black image

So I did try the same with Pan Pastels and it does work in a similar fashion but for me, not as well. My rainbow-ish colour choice was wrong, the fuchsia and purple too dark, I think, and possibly the brayer should have been cleaned between black and white layers, but yeah, kinda it works

Wroth playing with a bit.

5 thoughts on “ABC Challenge – Image transfer

  1. Just sharing this with you. I watched it today. Angela

    • I think I have seen that one – the tell-tale red bar across the bottom tells me so, but it was a great re-watch and reminder! 🙂

  2. I will have to try this technique – I regularly use gel medium…

  3. I really enjoy your blog and I’m going to have to get my gel plates out and try out the mica powders. Have you ever tried using gel medium to pick up the image instead of paint? I would think that would keep the pan pastel colors crisp. You could put down the transfer and then add the pastel and pick that up with medium. I’m going to give it a try.

    • I have used gel medium (or clear gesso) in cases where I want there to be transparency and it does work, but I will be interested to se your experiments as well. Never stop learning, right? 🙂

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