WOYWW 693 – a real shocker


Happy WOYWW to all. With every passing day the likelihood of making the crop gets slimmer and slimmer. Poo, say I. Poo Poo. But there is simply too much happening for me to ask the whole family to swan off for a weekend to travel so far for pure indulgence. I would have managed it if I could do the train own my own but a quick check shows a choice between leaving the day before, travel time between 5 and 10 hours with at least two changes, or travel on the day to arrive halfway thru the crop. Coupled with how weak I am at the moment and all the prep for potentially the arrival of Far-Flung Son, on balance, it just will not work. I am gutted. Maybe a zoom on the day is possible? Who knows.

OK, enough of my whinging. Here is the state of the craft room right now….This is main desk with window desk beside it. I am considering this, but not sure if it will mean I lose the window bay real-estate if I do.

A closer look at the other side of the room now – and that is the desk that has my printers and the bookcase that has been reorganized:

I also reorganized most of my art supplies to one shelf close to my main desk.

I mean, it’s functional but it isn’t PRETTY, is it?

Hopefully next week I will be back to full participation, although with the sad Bank Holiday for the funeral of the Queen, and a long delayed Drs. appointment that week who knows? I sure hope so.

Happy WOYWW to everyone. I’ll hope to have a peek at the desks even if my comments are brief or non-existant. I will hope, at least, for the former!

7 thoughts on “WOYWW 693 – a real shocker

  1. That craft room looks pretty organised – I am looking forward to planning mine when we move into the new house!

    Happy WOYWW!

    I am determined to call and comment on all of you this week, even if late!
    Susan #5
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!


  2. Hi Mary Anne, I have to admit that I’m late getting round everyone today because we’ve been to the seaside for a day out, first time since Covid started so it made a lovely change and as hubby said let’s go who was I to turn it down. Also we have a new puppy so it was her first time to see the sea. You must not torment yourelf if you can’t make the Crop, sometimes life just gets in the way. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x12x


  3. Am sorry you won’t be able to make the crop, but totally understand. I am looking forward to playing with my geli plate when we get back. I have been avidly following your posts and will probably revisit many of them. Happy WOYWW. Angela #7


  4. I have craft room envy! Look at how beautifully everything is sorted and stored, I like it. Even your ugly cupboard has a beauty about it – I hate wasting time searching for stuff and you’d always know where your stash/tools are! What a shame about not making the Crop but sometimes other things take precedence, same with me.
    HUgs LLJ 6 xxx


  5. Good morning Mary Anne 🤗 you have so much on, here ‘s to you joining via zoom on the day 💻 Your room not pretty?? Gee whizzers it’s a treasure trove of arty goodness ,I could spend ages so much to see , mind wandering, enjoying the space ⭐😊 you’ve been busy! Wishing you the best of days ahead with love and hugs Tracy #13 xxx


  6. I am sorry that it looks as if you won’t be able to make the Crop. it would have been fabulous to catch up. Hopefully a zoom session at least! Well done on the re-organisation it looks very impressive. Happy WOYWW Helen #3


  7. Totally understandable that you won’t make the crop Mary Anne. Your newly arranged craft room is looking very sleek. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2


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