Still up to my eyeballs in it.


It is slow going. Every time it seems I find a home for something, I think of a reason why that is not the right place. Not enough progress has been made to share. But I will share a very quick print Imade for the Gelli Arts #abcprintingchallenge . This is for E: Exotic. And if you read here often I am sure you know where my mind went. Yep:

The Tiger King himself. I just thought the little strip of numbers at the top reminded me of the mug shot placard, and it all just came together in my head. Just a simple image transfer, but not one pulled off with additional paint, just transferred to the plate then stamped off as another layer to the very layered pull. Kinda funky combo, fluorescent green, Naples yellow hue, Permannt Rose and hummmm – something maroon-y. I think it’s packed away for now.

Anyway, it was a very quick thing mostly homemade things. My glue gun stencil, a stencil cut in a sort of empty globe shape, a stamp made from one of the fat Ranger dies, an alphabet one, and one made from fun foam. I love it and am a bit sad I am sure I can never recreate it. Kinda wished I had scanned it before I added the image transfer. Oh well, live ans learn…

Hoping I can squeeze in another quick one tomorrow for F: FABRIC. I think I am a day or two behind, but it cannot be helped. I just saw a brilliant sample video for G: GEOMETRIC too that was just lovely, so really hoping the weekend offers me at least a tiny bit of crafty time. Fingers crossed!!

2 thoughts on “Still up to my eyeballs in it.

  1. Fabulous!

  2. You always do something interesting MA, I enjoy watching what you do as, quite often, it’s a project I would be unlikely to do myself. But I admire what you get up to – the Tiger King made me smile, the crazy colours go well with the theme!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xx

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