WOYWW 692 – no chance of me visiting and commenting so…


…skip me if you want. But if you do hang about, these photos might show why!

This, I am ashamed to say, is my desk

but my other desk is slightly different!

Have you ever seen such a sight? Apparently, because the windows we are getting are the ones that look just like the original sash windows, and unlike most replacement windows, they need to be installed from the INSIDE. That means all the area in front of the window needs to be cleared. FML!

As long as that had to happen, I might as well shift a few things about, with how I work and what I work on NOW being the primary driver. A couple of areas are already sorted.

They may still look a bit chaotic to an outsider but for me, it is all about grouping like with like! For the first time in forever I have all my scrapbooking albums on one bookshelf! Crikey.

I am finally in a place where I can let Idea Books from 1999 go LOL! Anything that I open to a random page and the layout makes me laugh, in the recycling it goes. Books go to the craft club or charity shop. I WILL finish this before they come on Monday, as MY craft room could get done on day one. Which could mean back to normal before the next WOYWW. What a treat that would be.

In other not great news there is a real possibility I will not make the crop but for the best reason – my wandering son, who has been living in LA, then San Fran for the last 6 years, might finally be coming home. Depending on the timing the conflict might mean no crop for me. I should know after a phone call later today …

In any case, Happy WOYWW!!

9 thoughts on “WOYWW 692 – no chance of me visiting and commenting so…

  1. Hope the window installation goes quickly! Great job purging. I’ve been doing that to a spare room and have taken over 6 boxes to the thrift shop! I have a LONG ways to go. And hopefully your son will be able to come home to see momma! Have a great week!
    Carol N 317

  2. Having had to condense my craft room a couple of times in the past few years for renovations i can sympathise with you. Not a good time with the wandering son coming home but i am sure you will cope.
    Such a shame we will not get to meet at the crop.
    Hugs, Neet 6
    ps and you won’t be doing my Journal challenge x

  3. My first journal went to a charity shop – I do wish I had kept it – if only to have a laugh at some of those early pages!
    Happy WOYWW! Susan #7

  4. I have been doing a sort out and tidy up of my room, thought I had finished but doing a bit more! You must be quite excited at the thought of your son coming home after 6 years. Happy WOYWW. Angela #16

  5. Hi Mary Anne. A chaotic time for you in all sorts of ways…. but… what positive outcomes! New posh windows. A son returning home shortly. A grand sort out. All great reasons for having a piled-high desk.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #11

  6. Of course we’ve all seen desks like this Lol! Mine was like this just the other day but I was busy and forgot to take a photograph so you’re better than me. Then you mentioned the ideas books which I really need to clear out. I have several with little drawings in them that now mean nothing to me,I just can’t remember what it was all about! Hope everything goes well with your son too. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x10x

  7. Hellooo Mary Anne 🤗 skip yoooou … never 🥰 you are always such a joy to visit 😊 oh my yoooou have been busy … moving,shifting, sorting … It will be worth it once you haveyour windows in ( adore sash windows, remind me of my childhood) and on the plus side you get to rifle through your stash,clear out what you no longer need😉 Hopefully they’ll start in your Craft room 🤞Now that is good news about your son, what adventures he’ll have to share after being away ⭐ Sending you lots of love with huge hugs Tracy #9 xxxxx

  8. Good luck with the windows! having had mind done a few years ago (before there was this much stuff about!!) I had tomove loads of stuff too as they needed access inside… it was a right pain and with no spare space to move stuff it was trying to keep one step ahead of the fitters! so I feel your pain. Hope you do make the crop, but if not, what a great reason to miss it! Take care. Helen #1

  9. If your son does make it home when it’s crop time Mary Anne we would all understand you not making it to the crop. Hope the window installing goes well and you are back to normal next week. It’s good when you have an opportunity for a rearrange and sort out though. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

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