Let the chaos begin! But still creating….maybe

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Well. This week we will be all about the prep for the window replacement. NOT looking forward to it on the one hand, cannot wait on the other. Clearly, with the sharp increase in heating costs, new double-glazed windows should offer great savings but time will tell. BUT I need to clear my desk in front of the window and in fact all of the window areas need to be cleared. Ugh. The Hubster’s office and the server room will be the biggest challenge, but no room is completely challenge free. I mean, you have seen my desks, right? And this tight shot doesn’t reveal the whole picture either.

I am hoping I will have my main desk in some reasonable shape, and if so I can do a small thing every day. The plan is the #ABCPrintingChallenge #GelliArts (and yeah, I don’t do hashtags and Insta, really, so not sure how that will work, adding it in here) because it looks fun and I am enjoying gel printing again.

I did the A: Alphabet one on the first so will add that here:

Yep. Vaseline Resist thru a stencil + Distress Oxides on the small round plate. The resulting print, which was on vellum (got a lot, need to use it up!) was mounted to a book page then cardboard to create a cover for a book that will house all the samples. More on that at some point.

I kinda had the idea I might detail the technique I use on the back of each sample, so it becomes a reference book, but I’ll have to see if that makes sense. Just reviewing the list reveals not a lot if surprises, to be fair. I could use my first sample for C: Circles, R: Rainbow, and L: Layers. I already have an idea for B: Black/Brown that would also do for S: Stencils (Handmade) so the challenge will be to shoot for innovation or something NEW. Again, I have a few ideas, looking ahead, but we will see if they bear fruit.

Just as an aside, my track record with WOYWW visits has been awful lately. I get busy, and the limited time I have gets spent crafting. I can’t give it up, ‘tho, and still do my best to get round the desks, even if it takes me a week to manage it. What I really need is a time-management method LOL! Although, stopping in my tracks every day for the Mom&Maddie Movie Meet-up every afternoon all summer has seriously eaten in to my desk time. Excuses, excuses. I know. Must do better….

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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