90% done but not quite.


So the thing I have been trying to make is something called a double flag book. There are very few photos of them (most annoying that there are some on Pinterest that lead nowhere – grrr) and no real tutorial. I don’t recall seeing one in any of my bookmaking books abut from the photos I have seen I thought I had an idea of how to make one. The elements are the slotted together accordions for the spine, then lots and lots of little flags. I’ve show how to make the slotted spine a few times before and I didn’t bother to photo those steps again. But basically you just need to add the flags on both sides of the accordion.

From there, you add the covers, as you would imagine. The only issue is the cover needs to be big enough to cover the width of both sets of flags when the book is collapsed/closed.

As you can see I used the little set of active affirmations from a few days ago to make an uplifting little book full of good advice. I wish I had thought to print on the back of the flags as well, because unless fully opened you can see more of the backs than I realized at first. Might have to go back and consider how best to solve that little problem!

Now, what next? Can I really let that small card box sit unloved for much longer? The affirmations would have worked equally as well with that, but now I’ve used them twice I am not sure my psyche can handle that much positivity LOL! I will consider and see what inspiration hits me. If it doesn’t, well, it will sit, accusing me of neglect, for a bit longer.


3 thoughts on “90% done but not quite.

  1. I Love this! I have one from YouTube saved to my inspiration file. It’s from Natasha at Treasure Books. I don’t know if I can leave a link here so I’ll have it on my blog Wednesday. I still want to do one. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #18

    • Is it ? I saw that one, but the DOUBLE-flag book is harder to find! If you saw a double one, PLEASE share. The spine on this one is different than the usual flag book, as it is two slotted together accordion folds so there flags are on BOTH sides 🙂 Will look forward to Wednesday (although I think your blog is a can’t-comment-unless-signed-in-to-Google one 😦 )

  2. I’m so behind on WOYWW again that commenting here at least means you might see it! I’ve been down that rabbit hole, your blog is always so interesting. I love the ink circles and the bamboo pens, I love the printable, thank you…squirrelled away for I don’t know what! The flag book is tremendous, so many too, how patient you are.

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