Affirmation boards – little collages all done!


I put my head down, cleared my mind of clutter and focused on finishing that little collage project. Yes, yes, I know the card-box still awaits, but this project MIGHT inform that one. Let me begin with using up stuff LOL! I have this bit of pop-dot stuff from (I am not kidding) 15 years ago. I just do not find I need to pop things up a 1/2 inch, ever. Not sure I ever did! But I had a kind of plan for the collages and I thought I could use pretty much every scrap of this and be done with it. I started bu covering a couple of exactly the same size mats (off-cuts from a frame maker) with black card

then added not only to pop dots but all of the cut up surround as well to the back of the collages

That was going to let me pop them up from the background and I liked how that looked.

I had an idea for adding what I call active affirmations to each one, so I could hang them near my computer and take note of them each day. I made use of something I learned in the Kate Crane class and a printed sheet of affirmations I created and:

Very happy with how this turned out, and as I have a TON of other useful affirmations from my sheet, I might use them on the little cards. Then again, I might not. If I do, it might feel like I am just repeating the same thing, IYKWIM, and I wouldn’t want to do that LOL!

3 thoughts on “Affirmation boards – little collages all done!

  1. Love these! Make use of what you have, use up what you don’t think you need anymore and bring positivity into your space. Well done! Creative Blessings! ~Kelly

  2. Great finish, good idea to have them standing proud…. Draws your eye to them.

  3. Lovely idea

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