Riddled with indecision – little collages


I keep referencing a project I have on the go on my side desk and because I am riddled with indecision on the card-box project I have decided to share that. It is going…better, I guess. I collected up all of my small samples from recent gel plate play (the “old walls” ones)

and used my metal edged ruler to tear them into more or less the same size.

My plan is to mount them all on an exact same size background and make a little accordion spine book. I had quite a large pile of bits I had torn off and they seemed too good to waste – I felt those + gel plate + Quin Gold would work well with all the backgrounds so

Yep. Happy with them. I am not great at collage, so this pile o’goodness is def. going to let me experiment and hone my skills maybe.

and adding in some of the things from the Fodder Challenge and various other bits I think they will be fun to make and in the end give me a sort of sample book where I can determine what I like, in terms of colour combos, groupings, etc. I also have a new set of line stamps I am keen to play with so it’ll all come together one way or another.

The card box is still swirling in my brain at the moment. I will get back to it when concrete inspiration strikes…

3 thoughts on “Riddled with indecision – little collages

  1. I love your bit and bobs from your cut aways. Are you on Instagram? I see a lot on Fodder school there and love all the ideas.

  2. I am smiling looking at these photos – that would be so me, getting more into what I am going to do with the bits other people would throw in the bin!! Whatever you do it will be awesome! Thanks for the tip about viewing YT on fast forward – I had never considered that!! It will be my goto tool from now on. (Some people just talk too much lol). Have a great week, love n hugs Cindy #11

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