A little box, saved from the recycle bin

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I am always on the lookout for interesting boxes and when I see one I almost always have an idea for uses them. This little box that holds mini sticks of butter (just the right amount for my weekly Keto cinnamon cookie baking for me and the Hubster so I don’t have to measure) has always appealed to me. It’s so cute.

It disassembles pretty quickly, with one bit that needed separating

I had a look at my full sheet pulls from recent play and settled on a light grey outside

and a more black/dark grey inside

Unusual for me to go monochromatic when I did have lots of pretty options, but there you go.

I guess the colour will come from those little pieces I shared yesterday! But what exactly are they? Stay tuned…

One thought on “A little box, saved from the recycle bin

  1. I’m sooo glad I saw this and know I’m not the only one who steals things from the recycle bin (other peoples as well as mine) and makes things with them! At the moment I’m saving cat food boxes…luckily for me, one of my customers cat didn’t like the food, (posh food I can’t affaid!) so she thought Mr Jinx would like about ten boxes. I said yes please! (not for the cat food, but for the boxes! I have plenty now to make somewhere to store all my Promarkers. Have a great week! ((Lyn))

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