Happy desk hop day!

The last month has been ridiculous. I am not going to whine on about how busy, stressful, and at times overwhelming it has been but simply apologize for my chronic lateness for my WOYWW visits. Today I am hosting a much anticipated and very rare luncheon with a trio of knitting mates. Due to work schedules we only manage maybe once a month and this visit is a bit celebratory, with lunch carried in and eaten in the sunshine – hopefully not TOO much sunshine for my photo-sensitive bestest bag (pet name, said with love) or the others. Good news is we will meet later than usual so hopefully I will manage all my visits early. Fingers crossed.

My desk from yesterday looked pretty bad:

After we got back from that mammoth Salisbury trip, knackered but determined, I had a swizz round to tidy up. I have the little pieces I made using that “painted old walls” technique I have been obsessed with all laid out and will speak more about the project I plan with them tomorrow or Friday, depending on the progress.

I have a few other changes to make, as I picked up a few kitchen organizing items and that let me shift some of the older things over to my office. Not yet sorted it all but I will. My window desk has another project, making use of a ton of experimental pulls with that same technique, some small collage play that will eventually make it into a small book of some kind:

And a closer look at that kinda weird thing to the left – I finally dragged out my hot glue gun and made a stencil. In the process I think I killed it. I need to either unscrew it and remove whatever is stuck or heat it up and hope the glue all dribbles out. Bah! Love the stencil tho’

So. I now have about 90 minutes to get around as many desks from last week as I can. It is a shocking admission that I have let it go till now but what can I say? Will do better. Really and truly I will.

12 thoughts on “WOYWW 688 – FML

  1. I wondered – at first – how you made a stencil with a hot glue gun. Thinking stencil material! Now I see and wow, what a great idea.
    Yes, your desk is full of stuff (not `i do not say messy) which means you are being super creative at the moment
    Lunch with girl friends sounds just the ticket – even lunch with my other half would do – if it was not at home of course.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  2. I love the glue thing, I used to do it as a child, but got told off for wasting the glue! I mean! Mum said I could only use flour and water, it didn’t work quite the same! Have a great week, stay cool! Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#18

  3. Eyes were straight onto the hot glue gun stencil. Hope you can nurse it back to life. Lunch with friends is always a treat! Five of us meet up about every six weeks. We’ve know each other since our children were toddlers. Hugs,Chrisx #17

  4. Lunch with friends sounds wonderful! I haven’t done that in a very long time. I know you will have fun, there’s no option! I love the different views of your desk, messy vs clean. I do like the messy desk! The stencil is awesome. I will have to try that. Glue guns are relatively cheap, so even if you can’t fix it you can get a another one and make another stencil! Have a great week, Inky, Mittsy and Lindart #19

  5. Lunch with friends, yay, hope you have a fab time catching up!! I love that glue stencil, what a fab idea. IOt’ll be interesting to see how you get on with it. The painted walls bits and pieces are fab too, like old Italian frescoes.
    Hugs LLJ 7 xx

  6. I love those ATC backgrounds Mary Anne. Enjoy your meet up with your friends – hope it’s not too hot for you all. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #12

  7. I’m not aware of being busier but I agree, this last month has been ridiculous and I’m behind with visits too…let them go, nobody really minds, it’s just adding pressure at this stage! I love the old paint type pulls, very clever, as is the stencil, wow, freehand with a glue gun – way to go! Ah your comment about eyesight rings true, paper piecing and even fine colouring are more of an effort than they used to be. I need to get Bart involved, his eyesight is like a twenty year olds now. Disconcerting in so many other ways!!

  8. Hi Mary Anne, you are so productive and I would love to see what happens to those beautiful samples you’ve made. It’s ages since I’ve made a hot glue gun stencil, hope you manage to get it back to life too. I’ll pop back later to have a look at the earlier posts. Take care and have a very happy woyww, Angela x9x

  9. Enjoy your luncheon with your friends. Love the stencil and I hope the glue gun survives. Happy WOYWW. #6

  10. I often I feel like I need a lie down after reading one of your posts – you always have so many craft things on the go never mind anything else!! Glue stencil – now there’s a new one! Happy WOYWW, love and hugs Cindy xx #5

  11. Love the swizz around tidy up. Can’t wait to see what you do with the swatches and super stencil with hot glue gun, must give that a go sometime, great idea. BJ#1

  12. sometimes life just gets in the way…. love the hot glue stencil, hope it works well, and that you can sort the glue gun too! Interesting things on your desks, look forward to seeing more of what’s happening in later posts. Have a fab get together with the knitting group. Helen #?

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